Carla Suarez Navarro publicizes love with girlfriend Marta: “How nice are moments with you”

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Carla Suarez Navarro said “Live life with those who give you life” and posted a photo with her girlfriend Marta, their first public photo as a couple, featuring a hashtag #bettertogether. Hearts, hearts.

Carla Suarez Navarro girlfriend

It’s been a long known fact that Suarez Navarro prefers women to men, but this is the first time that her relationship has been made official, as the 31-year-old tennis star from Spain shared this photo of her and her girlfriend holding hands at a restaurant. Even though it’s unclear for how long these two have been dating, it’s apparent that they met through work, as Marta is a physiotherapist and an aspiring yoga teacher.

Responding to Carla’s Instagram photo, Marta wrote:

Luckily you are making the photo beautiful… how nice are moments with you

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  1. That was so obvious she always looked so masculine, obvious male core inside. that happens.
    I was about 100% sure she is gay all these years.

  2. IIyaK, who cares if she’s gay.

    And “masculine, obvious male core inside” has nothing to do with sexuality. She’s not transgender, if thats what you’re implying.


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