Elina Svitolina & Gael Monfils, we have a new tennis couple

After breaking up with British cricketer Reece Topley, world No.7 Elina Svitolina found new love in her tennis colleague, currently 33rd-ranked Gael Monfils.

The Ukrainian WTA star remains candid about her relationship, but our regular reader Sru captured this black and white photo from Svitolina’s Instagram story after her victory on Day 2 of the Australian Open. Svitolina is hugging someone wearing an Asics shirt and we all know that Monfils wears Asics gear.

There’s also this tweet that makes us conclude they got in closer contact sometime last summer.

Monfils has a history of dating WTA players. More than ten years ago the French ATP star was in a relationship with Slovak Dominika Cibulkova, while even before that he was linked to France’s Alize Cornet.

UPDATE: Monfils was in Svitolina’s box for her second-round Australian Open match against Viktoria Kuzmova on January 17th.

After her victory, Svitolina was asked about the new face in her player’s box and she blushed and shyly responded: “Yeah, he’s supporting me.”

In the post-match press conference, Svitolina confirmed that they are dating.

For more info on the past and present dating lives of women’s tennis players, visit my WTA Players and their Love Partners section.

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9 thoughts on “Elina Svitolina & Gael Monfils, we have a new tennis couple

  1. The Real Deal

    “Gael is a heart-robber.” Nope, Gael seemingly is a drama king, so I wish this young lady well. He’s been through quite a number of female tennis players already; sign of no true commitment. Don’t know what the ladies see in him at all.

  2. Marija Post author

    Lala, OMG I can’t believe they’ve done that. I’ve checked it out, it’s funny. Especially their latest story where they’re answering questions.

  3. Richie Blackmore

    Seems he has a distinct and well documented “taste” for white girls as much as WTA girls, no?

  4. Frock coat

    ***Richie***is an idiot. Who cares about what color someone chooses loser?

    But the fact is, Gael is, ways has been and always will be an ugly guy. He’s not handsome in any way whatsoever. But the wta chicks don’t care about looks like at all. They’ve love ugly guys.

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