Sneak peek at Venus Williams’ 2019 EleVen collections

Every off-season is time for my Fashion Retrospections, but also for releases of outfits that will kick off a new tennis year. A few weeks ago we saw Serena Williams in a new pink Nike dress that may be her choice for the Australian Open and now a member of the Tennis Forum shared images of several 2019 collections of Venus Williams‘ brand EleVen.

It is possible that Venus’ Australian Open dress will be this one with printed blocks at chest and waist. It’s from the collection called Caracas and the dress is called Diva.

Apparently also belonging to the Caracas collection are this cute white skirt and tank with double spaghetti straps — perfect for Wimbledon.

Above is the Lattice Dress, I’m not sure which collection it belongs to.

This wrap short sleeve top and flutter skirt are from the Ikat collection, supposedly ready for Indian Wells. EleVen describes it as “spunky sophistication” that “incorporates a strong print in two spunky colors — admiral and dove grey”.

“She are the champions” is a slogan for the Isola collection that Venus is supposed to wear in Miami. The Isola clothes combine power-lace with performance fabrics for support and flexibility.

This Vision Tank and Flutter Skirt also seem to belong to the Isola group.

Leopard print is awaiting Venus’ claycourt season. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember that Venus has ever worn an animal print, has she? Serena first comes to mind with her US Open 2014 dresses. Venus has introduced dozens of prints — floral, geometric, abstract, diamond, tribal, and many more — but never leopard, which is hard to believe.

I’ve been closely following Venus Williams’ EleVen fashion for ten years now and here you can see all my detailed overviews:

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3 thoughts on “Sneak peek at Venus Williams’ 2019 EleVen collections

  1. The Real Deal

    Love all of these except The Diva outfit. The Living Legend Venus Williams is gorgeous with those lovely long legs! Missing Serena on the court so much; tennis is not the same without her right now (quite boring, to say the least).

  2. Marija Post author

    Lolo, that is Monet Modern collection which was launched in October. Venus releases collections often, so I doubt she’ll wear that one in January.

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