Women’s Tennis Blog joins WTA baby boom!

You may have noticed a ten-day break on Women’s Tennis Blog and now I’m happy to share with you the reason for it: I’ve become a proud mom to a healthy baby boy named Filip.

Me holding Filip for the first time

Filip was born in the afternoon on November 14th, weighing 3680 g (8 lb 2 oz), while we arrived home on November 22nd. You see, I had a good reason for failing to cover Serena Williams’ wedding and other news in the period. 🙂

As you know, newborns are very demanding and moms get little sleep, but I can tell you that I feel great and even though I sleep only a few hours a day, I don’t feel tired, so I believe I’ll be able to resume writing WTB as usual, especially now that it’s off-season.

Filip’s first photo at home

How cool it is that I gave birth to my first child in this period of women’s tennis baby boom! 🙂 Serena Williams has recently become a mom, Jarmila Wolfe gave birth to daughter Natalia just three days before me, while yesterday we got the confirmation of Ana Ivanovic’s pregnancy.

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21 thoughts on “Women’s Tennis Blog joins WTA baby boom!

  1. Nathan C

    What a precious adorable baby boy! You are gonna be the best mom in the world. He’s lucky to have such a smart and caring mother like you. Good Luck with Filip, and hope he grows up to be a great person like his mother and father. Maybe a future tennis star too?

  2. Emman Damian

    Congratulations Marija! Filip looks so cute and healthy! It’s fun you’re part of the WTA baby boom! I’ll be looking forward to baby Filip’s baby journeys!

  3. ian

    Omg, congratulation Marija. Maybe one day Filip can be future #1 ATP, hope you can introduce him to tennis as soon as he can grab junior racket 🙂

    Always a fan of your blog…

  4. Marija Post author

    Thank you everyone for nice wishes! I will not disappoint you this off-season and I will not skip my annual fashion retrospections 🙂

  5. P!nky

    Congrats on the baby. Take the time you need to focus on the little bundle of sunshine. I also weighted that much when I was born. Future tennis star in the making.

  6. Francisco

    Maybe you should change your fashion blog to men’s in preparing to cover your sons future outfits!!!

  7. Marija Post author

    P!nky, you were also a big baby boy 🙂

    Francisco, maybe Filip will start his blog about men’s tennis fashion 🙂

    Michaela, thank you!

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