Azarenka shows the face of her baby boy, he looks just like her!

After months of hiding the face of her nine-month-old son Leo, Victoria Azarenka has finally shown us his face and we can immediately notice that he’s her absolute copy. The 28-year-old Belarusian is naturally proud of that fact and calls the little guy mommy’s twin.

Look, a tennis racquet is already Leo’s favorite toy!

And he already has a personalized Yonex! The perks of having a Grand Slam champion mom.

Vika has even opened an Instagram account for little Leo and his bio says: “I’m Leo. My mommy is my photographer and PR manager.”

Azarenka is currently in the process of a custody battle with Leo’s father Bill McKeague, which has hampered her pregnancy comeback that had started off successfully in June 2017.

In my Little Tennis Stars series you can see how Vika looked as a child:

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3 thoughts on “Azarenka shows the face of her baby boy, he looks just like her!

  1. C

    That ex sounds like a terrible guy and his friend apparently harassed her on their IGs which is awful. I hope she wins the custody.

    Leo is very cute!

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