Baby portrait and family photos of Victoria Azarenka

Today, July 31st, is Victoria Azarenka‘s 28th birthday, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to add to our Little Tennis Stars series three more childhood photos of the former world No.1.

How cute is this portrait! 🙂 And below is a photo of little Vika with her elder brother Max, father Fedor and mother Alla. Look how much Vika resembles her mom, who introduced her to tennis at age 7! And notice baby Vika’s facial expression! She hasn’t changed much actually! Her eyes are the same now!

This adorable girl went on to become a top-ranked women’s tennis player and the only Belarusian Grand Slam champion with her two Australian Open champion’s trophies. To add to these accomplishments, she now has a child of her own, a chubby little son Leo, born in December 2016, and is successfully building her comeback to tennis.

Happy birthday, Vika! I hope you’re having the best time with your little one and your partner Bill McKeague.


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