Karin Knapp marries her coach in Anzio, Italy

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Italian Karin Knapp married her coach Francesco Piccari on April 1st at the Church SS. Pio e Antonio in Anzio after nine years of dating, as I read at Tennis World USA.

Once ranked No.33, the 29-year-old Knapp is now at position No.146, having been out of the game with injury. Since last year’s US Open, two-time WTA titlist Knapp played only the 2017 Australian Open, but she retired in the second set of her first-round match.

Thank you Emmanuel Damian for telling me about this and enriching my WTA Players and their Love Partners series.

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  1. Marija Post author

    Emman Damian, thank you for being such a loyal follower and for taking your time to inform me about stories I may not have heard of. 🙂

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