Tennis beginnings of birthday girl Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova turns 29 today and you know I always celebrate players’ birthdays by sharing their childhood pics. I’ve shown you a lot of Masha’s old photos and videos so far, but now I’ll enrich my archives with material I’ve come across recently.


This is little Maria with her childhood coach Robert Lansdorp, who helped her win her first Wimbledon at the age of 17.

Maria Sharapova with her childhood coach__1461071606_37.24.156.235

Lansdorp is still standing by Sharapova, defending her in this meldonium saga, saying that she would never take prohibited substances on purpose, even going as far as stating that she’s a victim of “witch hunt” by WADA and jealousy which is the root of all evil.

Maria Sharapova tennis beginnings__1461071033_37.24.156.235

Our birthday girl Maria is now going through the toughest period of her career, but while waiting for the situation to resolve, she has many tennis successes to look back on, including 35 titles, five of which are Grand Slams, and the No.1 ranking which she first reached back in 2005.

August 22 2005 first became number one__1461072008_37.24.156.235

Maria celebrating her No.1 ranking, 22nd August 2005


Happy birthday, Masha!


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