Ultimate work ethic: Sharapova getting ready for Roland Garros?

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Maria Sharapova is still under her Meldonium suspension and we don’t know when it will end, but the Russian tennis star is not losing spirit and continues to train, so that when the ban is lifted, she is ready to get back to competition with a roar. Masha’s perfect slides tell us that a French Open return is on her mind, however, I guess it’s unlikely to happen. Although, if Nike decides to forgive Maria, she already has a dress ready.

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDllAV5Jei_” width=”500″]


What do you say, aren’t these legs ready for Roland Garros?

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDYotibpei0″ width=”500″]


All sorts of drills are part of Maria’s training routine.

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDyte-yJekY” width=”500″]


Comfort food may be on her mind, but Maria is not skipping the gym:

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BD84gouJenQ” width=”500″]

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDoJ_JeJetA” width=”500″]

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDs9hbMpeny” width=”500″]


Beautiful sceneries are in the mix as well:

[instagram url=”https://instagram.com/p/BDqaQgmJetQ” width=”500″]


As an experienced professional athlete and a mentally strong person, Maria is not letting herself be demoralized by the huge career blow she’s experienced, rather, she’s believing in the light at the end of the tunnel and working hard to be ready when the period of crisis is over.

6 thoughts on “Ultimate work ethic: Sharapova getting ready for Roland Garros?

  1. JohnnyB

    Maria’s offense was a very minor violation. She quickly took responsibility for being uninformed about the new rule and has apologized. She should be reinstated and allowed to play in the French Open. Any other outcome would be very unfair considering the circumstances.

  2. sabey

    Given that the typical ban for unintentional doping is two years I’d say it would be making a mockery of tennis as sport if she were to return before the end of the year.

  3. Claire

    Sabey, you are right as usual. JohnnyB, let’s not go through all this again. There have been already endless discussions on this blog and other places. It’s pointless since some people just refuse to see what it is.

  4. Johnnyb

    Seriously!!! This isn’t unintentional doping. And 2 years is not the norm – it is the maximum. The Sharapova haters are all out of the closet on this issue. Let’s hope the judges are not as prejudiced as some players and fans who just don’t like her.

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