Whoa! Caroline Wozniacki takes all her clothes off for SI Swimsuit photoshoot


Caroline Wozniacki Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2

Caroline Wozniacki is taking swimsuit photoshoots to the next level! The Dane had a red swimsuit painted on her naked body and posed on a beach in Petit St. Vincent for the new edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue!

Caroline Wozniacki Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 3 Caroline Wozniacki Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 4

Last year Caro also posed for the SI Swimsuit Issue, in Captiva Island, wearing a range of white bikinis, but this year the photoshoot has been reinvented by bodypaint!

Caroline Wozniacki bodypaint Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 1

Here’s one pic of the work in progress.

Caroline Wozniacki Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 5

The photographer was Frederic Pinet, while the bodypaint was done by Joanne Gair. The magazine hit the stands today!


  1. A huge disappointment, really! She is not the only one, but I truly do not understand why they do this – the need to expose themselves like this or focus on totally unnecessary things? The same with Cibulkova, Radwanska, Ivanovic… do they feel they do not get enough publicity (or money?!) through their tennis? Radwanska, at least, is still good enough though…

  2. I don’t know why SI shows only fat women on their magazine. Most of the girls that are in there can’t use a bikini. Only Lily A, Gigi and maybe Chanel Iman have a nice body….

  3. @Brenda: I don’t know whom you are referring to. I certainly do not see Wozniacki as fat, nor Lindsey Vonn (she is obviously also in there…), they are both athletes and there is nothing wrong with their bodies. I just do not understand what good comes from exposing them like this, I can’t see the reason for it.

  4. She’s a pretty girl with a nice body, and I suppose maybe she wants to counteract the strong and sweaty image that tennis players have. But I think the photos are horrible. The painted on thing is ugly and she doesnt look like herself. She looked weird in the previous ones in the white swimsuits too.

  5. All I can say is , who’s next? Why are these nowadays women in tennis resorting to taking their clothes off for money? This was unheard of back in the days of Gabriela Sabatini, Steffi Graff. Monica Seles, and such. These women had/showed class on and off the court. What ever happened to dignity, class, high self esteem, and leaving certain body parts to one’s imagination? Those who are doing this may as well go ahead and pose for Playboy. In other words, what’s the difference?


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