Photos from the Australian Open: Sharapova & Serena set up quarterfinal clash

Tennis fans can look forward to a high-quality quarterfinal match at the 2016 Australian Open as Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova will be meeting for the 21st time in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The sport’s two biggest players both punched their quarterfinal ticket on Sunday as Maria Sharapova beat Belinda Bencic in a tight two-set encounter, while Serena Williams had no problems sweeping past Russia’s
Margarita Gasparyan.

In Hisense Arena, Agniezska Radwanska escaped an early exit from the tournament, trailing Anna-Lena Friedsam 2-5 in the third set when the German was suddenly hit by severe cramps, preventing her from finishing the match in proper fashion.

All that and more can be found in the photo gallery below:

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2 thoughts on “Photos from the Australian Open: Sharapova & Serena set up quarterfinal clash

  1. The Real Deal

    Yep, Maria Sharapova’s set for another consecutive crash. Having her guys sit in the stadium and scout while Serena played yesterday is pathetic (one was so embarrassed, he tried covering his face). They’ve done that before and it never helped her beat Serena. Evidence of her copping Serena’s serving placement sticks out like a sore thumb. “Hey Maria, now you know what it feels like to get a bunch of free points off your serve, just like Serena. Interesting how you criticized that gift of hers last time she gave you a beat-down. Girl, bye!”

  2. The Real Deal

    Poof! Be gone, Maria! Clash quickly turned into crash tonight for Maria Sharapova. GOAT=Serena Williams

    Ever wonder why the commentators are always comparing Serena to male tennis champs and always giving pointers to her competitors on what they should do to beat her? Hmmm????

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