New by EleVen: Venus Williams’ dress for Australian Open 2016

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Venus Williams' Australian Open dress

I am pretty sure that this EleVen Brushstrokes NYC Inspire Dress is what Venus Williams will wear at the 2016 Australian Open. The Brushstrokes collection has been available for quite some time already at both Tennis Warehouse US and Tennis Warehouse Europe, while yesterday EleVen posted the below photo on Instagram, saying:

Spoiler Alert: this MAY be the style Venus is wearing on court at the Australian Open! Tune in to find out!

EleVen Brushstrokes collection

Although EleVen didn’t confirm anything, I’m quite certain Venus will opt for this collection, as she will certainly not introduce another one and she will not wear old clothes either.

As expected, Venus is continuing with prints and this time brushstrokes were her inspiration. When it comes to the shape of the dress, it has V-neck, raglan sleeves and flared hem, while the back is very simple this time. To break up the print and slim the waist, the dress features dark blue crossed double striping at bodice. Those criss-crossed stripes are also featured in several tops and skirts from the collection.

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Update: Venus’ promotional photo in the dress further backs up my claims 😉

EleVen brushstroke collection Venus Williams


3 thoughts on “New by EleVen: Venus Williams’ dress for Australian Open 2016

  1. CLT

    I don’t particularly like the colour combination but it will probably look good on Venus because everything does. But I like the shape – you couldn’t have a really complicated design with that pattern.

  2. Emman Damian

    The color combination resembles almost like those of Ana’s last dress in Adidas (US Summer hardcourt dress). It is in fact refreshing. The print is very simple but it is quite unique. I wonder if she has another design for the EleVen crew (other tennis players). Not the best design but not bad at all.

    PS: the vertical hole at the back is a plus!

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