Casey Dellacqua expecting second child with partner Amanda Judd

Casey Dellacqua with her partner and child

Australian Casey Dellacqua announced that she and her partner Amanda Judd are expecting a new member in their family. In August 2013, Amanda gave birth to their son Blake and a new baby is due to arrive in May 2016.

The 30-year-old Dellacqua shared the excitement on Instagram, saying:

I truly have all I could have wished for this christmas BUT we do have a little more on the way ? Amanda is pregnant again so bubba number 2 will be arriving in May 2016 ?‍?‍? + ? we are so excited to meet our next bundle of joy!!! ❤️

Congratulations to Casey and Amanda!

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8 thoughts on “Casey Dellacqua expecting second child with partner Amanda Judd

  1. michelle

    Disgusting and pathetic. Both creatures should be charged with criminal child abuse.

  2. Kirsten

    Congratulations to Casey & Amanda, what a beautiful family! Michelle, you are disgusting & pathetic & how sad you feel the need to post hatred when this family is celebrating their love… Shameful.

  3. kelly

    Michelle & darren! You both need to relize it’s the love and support you can give to a child that matters and over weighs any samesex/adoption/fostering or Surragancy issues that people tend to have issues with for the wrong reasons.
    Question to you both.. would you rather a male and female look after YOUR child, and don’t care property, nor feed or love and support them. Or have to same sex that love, feed and support YOUR child? Its that simple!

  4. Hugh

    Regardless of what people might say about Casey and Amanda being a “family”, the reality is that these children have a father with whom they have an absolute right to have a relationship, and vice versa. If that is denied to them, we run the risk on bringing up another stolen legislation. This has all been missed in the same sex “marriage” debate, in that if Commonwealth legislation is changed, Parliament should also enact or alter existing legislation to ensure that children are entitled to pursue relationships with both of their parents, and vice versa. It is noteworthy (and disappointing) that none of those pursuing the gay marriage agenda never see fit to confirm they will be encouraging such a relationship – that only serves as to make me all the more suspicious that they have no intention of doing so.

  5. ......

    These two are utterly disgusting and are more interested in fulfilling some selfish ego trip to prove how ‘clever’ they are to have children without a male in the family than the lasting development of the child(ren). Michelle is correct when she says that both creatures should be charged with criminal child abuse. I agree.
    The comments by Kelly are utterly pathetic and the grammar is appalling.

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