Dimitrov on how he seduced Sharapova

Grigor Dimitrov

Maria Sharapova seems like a tough nut to crack, although her cold demeanor may simply hide the Russian’s romantic side. Let’s hear what her beau Grigor Dimitrov says about how they hit off. We all know that their relationship became public during the 2013 Madrid Open, but how had it all started. Let’s find out by Grigor himself!

I know when you see her you don’t want to even talk to her but to me I knew there was something behind that. I emailed her out of the blue. I felt we always had this thing for each other.


We were both in China, me in Shanghai, her in Beijing. I sat down for lunch and saw her playing on television and emailed right away. We started talking a bit, then a month later when the season was over we saw each other and that became that.


For Maria’s 28th birthday, which was on April 19th during her play in Stuttgart, Dimitrov sent her a bouquet of red roses, while he reveals that he’s no stranger to the bigger is better when it comes to flowers:

Sometimes I just go crazy and send her hundreds – 500 is the most I’ve ever sent at once.

I’m glad to have this added to my WTA Players and their Love Partners series! (source: Telegraph, photo: Tennis Buzz)

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8 thoughts on “Dimitrov on how he seduced Sharapova

  1. Marija Post author

    JohnnyB, I don’t think so, but then again, you’re a man and are way more experienced than me, so thanks for the tip. 🙂

    Emman Damian, I also want to know more. I’m sure, as Grigor said, Maria is different when you get close to her.

  2. Jim

    Grigor is not playing very well now, soooo .. should he break it off with Maria like McIlroy did with Caro by texting, so he will start playing better? And I know it is slightly different, in that Caro and Rory were engaged.
    Hey, maybe Maria will get bold and pop the question to Grigor like Li Na did to Dennis!

  3. Gregoire Gentil

    How do you receive 500 roses? I’m just trying to picture the van full of roses and the guy(s) ringing at the door: “Delivery for Maria Sha.ra.po.va? Please sign the receipt here”…

  4. Marija Post author

    Jim, Grigor and Maria have their own story. I wouldn’t apply any of those other WTA storylines, especially not Caro’s.

    Gregorire Gentil, I don’t know really. And where would she put them in a hotel room? Plus, she surely left them there when she lost.

    Mary, thank you for reading my blog!

  5. Arabella Pasquale

    ‘Seduced’ is hardly the right word. It suggests he had sex with her.
    Now that would make for an interesting interview as we all wonder if she is as loud in bed as she is on the court!

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