Indian Wells 2015 final: Who holds serve wins the match and it’s Halep!

Simona Halep - Indian Wells 2015

Thirty games, eighteen breaks! Simona Halep edged a 2-6 7-5 6-4 victory over Jelena Jankovic in the final of Indian Wells, even though she was just two points from defeat in the second set.

The players were so bad at holding serve, that breaks meant nothing at all and actually when after a series of breaks in the deciding set Halep held to lead 4-3, I had a gut feeling that it was the turning point of the match. And even though Jankovic did manage to break back, the momentum had shifted to Halep’s side, and the Romanian won the biggest title of her career.

It’s a great pity for JJ, as she was so close to upsetting Halep and making a huge career revival. But eventually Halep deserved it, as after wasting her chances in the second set, JJ dropped four serves in the decider and that’s simply unacceptable for someone eyeing a Premier Mandatory title.

Adidas’ Spring Adizero Top, the matching skirt and the Adidas Adizero CC Tempaia III shoes accompanied the world No.3 Halep en route to her 11th WTA title and $900,400 in prize money. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)

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6 thoughts on “Indian Wells 2015 final: Who holds serve wins the match and it’s Halep!

  1. Emman Damian

    Well, Halep took advantage of the Serena SF walkover. It was a consolation prize for her. But if Serena played, it will definitely be her. Congrats to Simona on her biggest title. She’s on fire! “halepeño” Too bad for JJ but at least she gained confidence on this experience. She lost 9 out of 10 finals she reached since 2010. Bad stats for JJ.

  2. Marija Post author

    Emman Damian, Simona was lucky to get the Serena walkover, but she fought hard for her title in the final and rightfully deserved it. Thanks for pointing out that JJ stat, it really is devastating! :/

  3. Emman Damian

    Simona fought hard eventhough she has injuries. Congrats to her! I guess she will be a permanent fixture jn top 5 for the next few years. Halepeño fever!!!

  4. Jim

    The way JJ started the match, I thought she would win. Heck she was serving for the match in the second set and just started pushing the ball..too scared to win. These players should take a lesson from Serena and when you have someone down, put them away!

  5. Marija Post author

    Jim, I don’t see JJ as someone afraid to win, her game was simply not strong enough, especially her serve. Halep wasn’t better on serve either, but she managed to edge it out. The match could have gone either way.

  6. nuku

    If a tennis player would be forced to focus 100% during a match without mistakes and misfires, he would end up soon in a hospice. So he needs some moments of devolution and most most effective and enjoyable are „the gifts” that come from his opponent.

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