New Balance now officially Heather Watson’s tennis apparel sponsor

Heather Watson - Hobart International 2015 -DSC_4200

We have seen a lot of this blue outfit recently, as British No.1 Heather Watson won the 2015 Hobart International in it and then again wore it in her first-round match at the Australian Open which stirred a lot of debate as the 22-year-old brought up the topic referred to as “the last taboo in women’s sports”, the question of the menstrual cycle. But let’s get back to the outfit… Even though Watson promoted Lululemon during last year’s Wimbledon, her new sponsorship deal is with New Balance and now it’s officially confirmed.

Heather Watson's blue New Balance topHeather Watson's blue New Balance skirt

Watson’s new outfit includes the New Balance Fall Tournament Racer Tank, which besides in this paradise blue exists also in glacier (grey) and poisonberry (pink), and the New Balance Fall Tournament Pleated Skirt, available in blue, black, white and black grape. (source: Tennis Identity, Watson photo by Jimmie48)

7 thoughts on “New Balance now officially Heather Watson’s tennis apparel sponsor

  1. Emman Damian

    That’s why during Hobart she was wearing New Balance. It’s good that she had a good brand behind her. I like lululemon but New Balance is a bigger brand that can help her tennis career.

  2. Marija Post author

    Emman Damian, I like this paradise blue color and the cut really suits Heather well. I’m glad we got our New Balance/Lululemon question answered so quickly!

  3. Marija Post author

    Emman Damian, I’m looking forward to seeing how they will follow up this blue outfit.

  4. sabey

    Does Lululemon officially sponsor athletes? It looked like two women were wearing their separates this year.

  5. Marija Post author

    Sabey, I don’t think so. Although their Wimbledon 2014 partnership with Watson was official.

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