Poll: Who was the best dressed WTA player in 2014?

It’s been years since I last included a poll here on Women’s Tennis Blog, mostly for technical reasons, and now I’m glad I’m finally able to receive your votes and what better topic this off-season than the evaluation of WTA players’ 2014 outfits. In my this year’s Fashion Retrospections, I gave you an extensive overview of top brands and their prime representatives and now it’s time for you to give your verdict. Let’s see who was the best dressed 2014 women’s tennis player based on your votes!

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If you need help in deciding whom to vote for, browse through my complete 2014 tennis apparel collages and make an informed decision:

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Who was the best dressed WTA player in 2014?

  1. Emman Damian

    This is an easy decision for me. It would have to be Ana Ivanovic. No matter how simple her dress is, she carries it with class and elegance. Ana looks good on any dress she wears. Besides, Adidas did a great job this year. I especially like her Australian Open and US Open dresses. Her French Open dress is great too. I love the back details.

    Well done Adidas!

  2. PeteTweet

    For me it’s Ana Ivanovic (& Garbine Muguruza) both make Adidas’ range look so classy – I guess it helps that they are both tall, beautiful girls.. Close 2nd to Maria, Genie & Nike (once again both tall, beautiful girls)

  3. Bróna

    It had to be Ivanovic. Adidas may not have had many different designs throughout the year but they hardly ever get it wrong- looking at Ivanovic’s dresses this year is proof of that.

    I really wanted to vote for Sharapova but looking back on what she wore this year, it was a real disappointment. It’s been about four or five years since her outfits have had that creative edge which made them stand out. I hope she does better in 2015 with the designs but things probably won’t change too much!!!

  4. Nigelahmad

    i think dresses have been overall boring this year. No one stands out. Nike has really gotten bland with repeat designs. Serena used to have dresses that looked great for her body type, but not any more. Sharapova’s outfits have also been bland. I hope designers try harder next year!

  5. Marija Post author

    Emman Damian, sure, we would all like to see Ana in something exclusive.

    Bróna, I couldn’t agree more.

    Nigelahmad, there’s always room for improvement and I agree with what you said about Nike, but I wouldn’t say that dresses were overall boring this year, there were many nice pieces which were also innovative to an extent, IMO.

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