Schweinsteiger flies to Belgrade for Ivanovic’s birthday

Ana Ivanovic Bastian Schweinsteiger

Although there were rumors of Bastian Schweinsteiger replacing Ana Ivanovic with a German singer of Russian origin, the relationship between the Bayern Munich soccer player and Serbian tennis beauty is getting some length and the latest proof of their commitment is the fact that Bastian came to Ana’s hometown of Belgrade to celebrate her 27th birthday on Thursday night. Accompanied by Ana’s friends, the couple celebrated in a club and afterwards they took a private flight to Munich together.

Let me remind you, this is not Bastian’s first time in Belgrade. In mid-October he visited the Serbian capital and paparazzi spotted him at a restaurant with Ana, her brother and several friends. There have also been unconfirmed stories in the media that he’s buying an apartment in Belgrade. (source: Kurir)

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3 thoughts on “Schweinsteiger flies to Belgrade for Ivanovic’s birthday

  1. Marija Post author

    Tennis Island, definitely. They sure have problems, but money is not one. 🙂

    Brifyinutly, they’re still together.

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