WHAT? Rory McIlroy ends engagement to Caroline Wozniacki


This is a shocker! Absolutely unexpected! Rory McIlory broke off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki! Reason? He’s not ready for marriage.

After talking to Caro, Rory shared the news publicly in a statement released through a Dublin-based management firm.

The problem is mine. The wedding invitations issued at the weekend made me realise that I wasn’t ready for all that marriage entails. There is no right way to end a relationship that has been so important to two people. I wish Caroline all the happiness she deserves and thank her for the great times we have had. I will not be saying anything more about our relationship in any setting.

I can’t believe this, especially because only yesterday did we share with you the recent interview with Rory where he talks about how he proposed to Caroline on the New Year’s Eve in Sydney. However, remember that in October 2013 Rory broke up with Caro to supposedly refocus on his slumping career?

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21 thoughts on “WHAT? Rory McIlroy ends engagement to Caroline Wozniacki

  1. Marija Post author

    Liz, right, that information has remained unclear. But how can she not leave him after this embarrassment? He’s clearly not worth it! My answer: I hope they’re not together any more!

  2. Marija Post author

    Tenniz-fan, imagine!!! Sooo unexpected. He’s so immature and an asshole, I’m sorry. And given that she’s a celebrity, her embarrassment level is 1000x greater.

  3. tenniz-fan

    Yeah, why on earth did he propose if he’s not even ready for marriage! I’m feeling really sorry for Caro right now especially after she has said all those “I want to be a relatively young mother”, etc. comments. She probably thought she would spend the rest of her life with him.

  4. dxana

    IDK the relationship look cling IMHO which can be unhealthy if one party at point realize is something they don’t want than again I’m single so relationship are mystery to me lol

  5. Marija Post author

    Tenniz-fan, definitely. Like he realized when they sent the wedding invitations! What is he, a mentally-impaired person to need wedding invitations to remind him that he isn’t ready for marriage?

    Dxana, don’t worry too much, relationships are not easy for anyone 🙂 As you can see!

  6. Liz

    I read somewhere that they also ended the relationship… It’s one weird story!
    I hope he ends up alone… there’s always something with them. It reminds me of the Robert Pattinson / Kristen Stewert story…

    Whould Caro have declined to end her career to travel with him or such? Well… let’s see what happens.

  7. Marija Post author

    Liz, I’m quite sure they ended the relationship. Otherwise, it would be absolutely weird and humiliating to Woz.

  8. ninaq

    I can”t believe! I hope she will fast meet someone knew! I show he what he could have

  9. Gregoire Gentil

    Cold feet to the post office?!? Caroline performance was already low, can’t imagine what it will look like next month 🙁 BTW, I’m not sure that I have seen so many comments on a WTB article!!!

  10. Tulp

    ” I’m not sure that I have seen so many comments on a WTB article!!!” Well, Gregoire, my friend, it is the very nature of the WTB – and, therefore, of the majority of its followers/commentators, isn’t it.

  11. Albinog

    they both dodged a bullet. She probably got tired of him calling her :Precioussssssssssss”

  12. Ozzie

    I’m not a Caro fan, but no one deserves to be treated this way. He is a douche! He should’ve considered if he is ready before proposing. I hop Caro is ok. She deserves someone better.

  13. Marine

    It’s incredible how he ended it. After such a long relationship, living together and finally engagement she deserved a much much better treatment. It seems McIlroy has really no respect for other people’s feelings. Selfish jerk. She’s better off without him.

  14. Marija Post author

    Marine, and today I read on Twitter that he broke up with her in a three-minute telephone call!! She thought it was a joke. Imagine!


    This is not the first time this guy is acting like an immature ahole. His dumped his ex Holly the same way, citing that hes fancied about Caro, leaving his ex heartbroken. Now the same BS, whoever going to date this guy again “for love” is dumb as faack!

  16. Marija Post author

    THIS DOOSH, I absolutely agree. I didn’t like him even when he started dating Caro, when I read the story how he abandoned his ex. The history repeated itself.

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