Flavia Pennetta wins Indian Wells + sparks relationship rumors with Fabio Fognini

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Flavia Pennetta and Fabio Fognini

Flavia Pennetta won the tenth and biggest title of her career by beating albeit injured Agnieszka Radwanska 6-2 6-1 in the Indian Wells final. Thumbs up for the second-seeded Radwanska who didn’t retire from the match despite being troubled by a knee injury, but let’s also not take anything away from Pennetta, who had earlier in the tournament taken out top seed Li Na, seed No.16 Samantha Stosur and seed No.17 Sloane Stephens, has now risen from No.21 to No.12 in the rankings and soared up in the Road To Singapore, climbing from 20th to fifth position.

The Indian Wells triumph attracted a lot of attention to Pennetta’s supporters in the stands, in particular to fellow Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini, who hugged Pennetta and splashed her with water after her trophy-winning match. Actually, I read that Fognini delayed his trip to Miami to support Pennetta in Indian Wells and as a further proof that the they are an item is Pennetta’s recent tweet, the above photo of the two, accompanied by the comment:

Assistant coach of the week! Really happy… Miami we come… @fabiofogna

Moreover, Andrea Preti, who I thought was Pennetta’s boyfriend, shared no excitement about her triumph on Instagram or Twitter, and I’m sure Pennetta wouldn’t have posted such an intimate photo with Fognini had she still been dating Preti.

Italian readers, do you have any more information?

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52 thoughts on “Flavia Pennetta wins Indian Wells + sparks relationship rumors with Fabio Fognini

  1. PeteTweet

    They would make a great couple, love both of them! Add them to the husbands/boyfriends section ASAP!!!

  2. Valeria Soddu

    The Italian medias talked about the fact that Flavia and Fabio weren’t dating their partners anymore already before Indian Wells. Of course during the press conferences in IW Flavia was often asked about her relationship with Fabio but she just answered vaguely, talked about a secret bet made with Fabio (which she didn’t explain) or said that he was her lucky charm. Posting this foto it seems that Flavia intended to confirm the rumours. That’s the statement of the Italian press.

  3. Marija Post author

    Valeria Soddu, thank you so much for the input! I didn’t know about the breakup rumors. So I guess we can be certain now that Flavia and Fabio are dating.

  4. Little tiny Tina

    Wow!!!! Fabio Fognini is by far the hottest boyfriend no question…but then there’s Gregor and he’s sooooo fine. So its Fabio at number 1 then right behind him is Gregor…I think Sara Errani’s boyfriend Gunnar Stansson is somewhere around there…but clearly not or near those two they’re waaaaaaay too fine. Fabio’s face is so gorgeous…..wooooo hooooo he’s such a hottie!!

  5. Gelsomina

    He’s sooooooooooooooo veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hooooooooooottttttt!!!!!!!! It’s hard to look at him….almost….

  6. Cascade chick

    Yep…def officially a couple..during Davis cup she was cheering him from the stands. The commentator even said Fabio was her boyfriend. He’s honestly prettier than her…..he’s a complete 10 but really 11 12 13; she’s a 7 at the highest. Way to ho Flavia…

  7. Brienza

    He’s the most gorgeous on the ATP Tour and the most gorgeous of all WTA boyfriends far & away.

  8. Emma Pepper

    My God that man is too sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs kisses and much much much from Essex baby.

    Wow Wow Wow give me a kiss Fabio and take me in your strong arms.

    Damn that stud is too hot!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Glossy Girl

    For sure it must be official this pic is waaaay to intimate for them to be just ‘pals’. He’s the sexiest thing on tour hands down.

  10. Carolina Demarco

    Wish that pic was a little more….. aimed towards that sexy body of his….I want to see more.

  11. Greta Olsson

    Yummy yummy that Fabio is just pure sex on legs………his facial structure is so sculpted and those gorgeously thick eyebrows…

  12. Brescian little hottie

    U no that right undrr that camera lens is one rock hard sexy body..i wan a piece of that now!!

  13. Megan

    1 thing, that man, is too damn fine. She’s one lucky chick. I’d lick him from head to toe……….he makes me think like a naughty girl…..

  14. Megan

    Awwwww thats sweet…he’s supwr sexy and He CLeANS TO!!!!!!!!!!! Let me have him once you’re finished with him please?????

  15. Preppy Girlie

    I’ll keep it to myself……but…..my goodness the things I would do to that sexy Italian Stallion……. Got me feeling a tad naughty………

  16. Marija Post author

    Mary, thanks for the info. It’s always good to get an official confirmation, although the photos obviously suggested they were an item.

  17. Brad

    Yo but shouldnt she cook, wash dishes, and clean up? What kina world r we livin in bro

  18. Pai Chan

    He’s sooooooo dreamy…..dark & sexy.

    No more sexist comments Brad you idiot. Thanks.

  19. Fernanda Martinez

    He’s super sexy no doubt but is it worth all the other baggage though….? He’s a complete headcase…

  20. William

    Bahahahaha ahaahaha hahahahaha haha!!!!!!!! !!!!! He looks like that Capitan Morgan dude, you know from that rum or whatever it is?

  21. Yuki Shirazawa

    LOL tots looks like Cpt Margan !!!!! I wanna get him out of those dirty pirates clothes…..

  22. Ellen


    Yeah…..totally he’s a complete nut case….he’s sexy of course but it must be hard to put up with such nut basket…..

  23. Sarah Edelstien

    ……i donno….a hunk as fine as him….i think i could put it with…he’s so so hot!

  24. Anna Audrey Carol

    Well he may be mentally unstable but he sure is a sexy looking man!!!!!!!

  25. Belle

    Flavia!!!!!!!!!!!! You better run far and run fast that guys an insane man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s hot though…

  26. Coco

    oh yeah….honeymoon def and tots over….I saw her watching him play at RG, she looked tots over it..

  27. Agness

    see, Fabio is jus to…..wild and like foolish to ever keep Flavia….bc she is 31 and wants to settle down duh…. So…you know I dont think Fab Fabio is anywhere close to hubby mode…he’s like 26….. I dont really see this lasting until even the end of the year..

  28. Veronique Itandje

    he’s hot but there’s no freakin way I could ever put up with his crazy ass….

  29. Porsha

    Ohhhhhhh…..boyyyyyyyy……the things I’d like to do to that sexy sexy Italian man…….yummy yummy…

  30. gordon schulz

    Biggest tittle Indian Wells? Everybody’s talking about her wedding and ( “hot groom”) must have forgotten that she won the US Open in 2015 I think that’s a tad bit bigger tittle!

  31. Marija Post author

    Gordon Shultz, note this this article is from March 2014. The time tag is just below the title.

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