Serena talks loneliness and supposedly fights with Rihanna over a man

Serena Williams and Patrick Mouratoglou

Serena Williams has stirred the public in the last few days for three reasons:

  • Awkward recent tweets
  • Supposed argument with Rihanna over rapper Drake
  • Talks of breakup with Patrick Mouratoglou

Let’s start with the tweets. On February 24th, Serena posted:

Everybody needs love

And the following day she wrote:

Me. Mine. Alone. Myself. I. One. Solo. Unaccompanied.

All that comes at the time when rumors have surfaced that at Drake’s concert in Paris on Monday, February 24th, the rapper allegedly promised both Rihanna and Serena, separately of course, to meet them after the show. When the two realized that Drake invited them both, the situation got heated up and there was an unpleasant verbal exchange. Actually, the source says that Serena started the argument when she saw Rihanna hanging out backstage. No wonder, we know they both love rappers! Remember Serena’s relationship with Common?

And about Mouratoglou – Serena’s coach has been her boyfriend for almost two years now, although it was never officially confirmed, but now after her loneliness tweets websites are already speculating that the split has taken place. This is getting interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Serena talks loneliness and supposedly fights with Rihanna over a man

  1. Phaura Reinz

    Hahahaha. OMG!

    Remember Marija when in ’11 or ’12 Drake can be seen watching Serena practice? Hahahaha.

    Serena. These gossips. Love to hear more Marija.

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