Talks of Vaidisova’s possible comeback were just rumors

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Nicole Vaidisova

Czech Nicole Vaidisova was once a top WTA player with an even brighter future projected, but she left the sport almost four years ago, at the young age of 20, and that retirement and loss of love for tennis somehow coincided with her relationship and subsequent marriage to colleague Radek Stepanek. When we learned about the divorce proceedings of the tennis couple and Stepanek’s swift involvement with yet another WTA player Petra Kvitova, rumors started swirling right away that Vaidisova, still only 24, was contemplating a comeback. However, is now announcing that there are no such plans in Vaidisova’s head and she doesn’t even own a racquet!

The former world No.7 Vaidisova is currently in Bradenton, Florida, rehabilitating from a shoulder surgery she had six months ago. (photo: Nick Bollettieri)

6 thoughts on “Talks of Vaidisova’s possible comeback were just rumors

  1. dxana

    Four years out tennis it would be hard to get inspire to comeback and run into your ex and current girl friend is not most ideal situation for any person IMHO. I wonder what she does now?

  2. Marija Post author

    Dxana, imagine her playing Kvitova! 😛 She probably does nothing… I don’t know, I haven’t heard she’s started a business or something.

  3. Maggie

    Oh, but what a perfect situation to get her revenge on Kvitova… to swing her racket at Petra (or anyway in her direction), send the ball as hard as she can… 😀
    jokes aside, it’s really sad that this fantastic sport got somehow so ruined for her that she doesn’t even own a racket :/

  4. Marija Post author

    Maggie, it is so unfortunately, especially because she was such a great prospect, even reached two Grand Slam semifinals, and then she decided to quit so young.

  5. Gregoire Gentil

    I like the comments about Kvitova! With Stepanek in the player box… haha

    “More seriously”, I have the same question as everyone else: what does she do during the day?

  6. Marija Post author

    Gregoire, I was also wondering that. Maybe she’s just getting bored, I don’t know. She’s not even posting to social media profiles, so that we could have at least some insight. Or she’s enjoying herself and not bothering about anything. Anyways, it’s such a waste of her talent not to be playing tennis now, but since she genuinely doesn’t feel like it, it’s probably a better option that she’s not playing.

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