Happy New Year from Women’s Tennis Blog

Christmas tree

You must have noticed I’ve been a bit lazy about updating Women’s Tennis Blog during the closing of this off-season. It’s because I used these last few slow tennis days to travel and enjoy the Christmas spirit of Paris, France. This Christmas tree is from the Lafayette shopping mall in Paris. I came back just yesterday to celebrate the New Year with friends in Serbia.

I would like to thank you for reading Women’s Tennis Blog throughout 2013 and to wish you a pleasant, joyous, happy, healthy and cheerful 2014. I’m also wishing us all lots of sporting activities in the new year and our WTA players an injury-free new season.



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10 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Women’s Tennis Blog

  1. Patricia

    Happy New Year!!! 😀 Greetings and hugs from Germany!

    Thank you for writing this wonderful blog, Marija! What would life be without, haha 🙂
    Let’s get the party named “WTA season 2014” started!

    Cheers! 😀

    Btw, Paris must be sooo awesome at Christmas! Maybe you could send me a few pics..? Thank you! 🙂

  2. Michaela

    May 2014 become a dream year!
    Thank you Marija for providing us tennis fans with so many exciting moments via your brilliant information.

  3. Bróna

    Happy New Year Marija!! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Paris- a beautiful city! Hard to believe that Women’s Tennis Blog will be 7 years old this year. Here’s to another wonderful year of tennis and another wonderful year for the blog. Keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Marija Post author

    Branko Zivlak, haha thanks, dad! 🙂

    Patricia, I’m wishing you a wonderful 2014! 🙂 I can definitely send you a few pics, just when I sort them out on my computer. I still haven’t done that.

    Anastassios, we wish the same to you!

    Michaela, I hope I’ll continue to do so throughout 2014 and that you will forgive me my slow start to 2014 😉

    Bróna, yeah, imagine, 7 years! I also can’t believe that. I’m wishing you an amazing 2014!

  5. Marija Post author

    Phaura Reinz, Happy New Year! Love your new blog post about Alize Cornet’s fashion! 😉

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