Sabine Lisicki not afraid of fashion attention

Sabine Lisicki at the German Athlete of the Year awardsSabine Lisicki and Oliver Rocher at the German Athlete of the Year awards

Maybe Oliver Pocker is not the best boyfriend for our darling Sabine Lisicki, but we sure can’t tell that by the way the 24-year-old glowed at Germany’s Athlete of the Year 2013 gala on Sunday in Baden-Baden, Germany. Sabine was working her signature smile and matched the comedian’s white shirt and black suit with a black and white ball gown. The WTA star came in second at the awards, lagging behind winner Christina Obergföll (javelin throw), but in the looks department Sabine sure ruled the red carpet! (via The Slice)

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6 thoughts on “Sabine Lisicki not afraid of fashion attention

  1. Tulp

    And, again, why do you say “Sabine was working her signature smile”? Just out of curiosity, of course – that is, just to find out, if possible, whether you actually always know/understand what you are saying.

  2. Marija Post author

    Tulp, she has the most recognizable smile on the Tour and at the event she was again all smiles.

  3. Tulp

    Ah, I see… Except that it’s not the answer to my question. I know everything about Sabine’s smile, you see, but I know nothing about the idiom ‘working one’s [whatever]’ – except in a negative context. I even checked as many as possible references, on- and off-line, just to see if perhaps I had missed something in the last decade or two since (English) language has gotten quite out of control of its inherent spirit/logic… and have found nothing at all that would support the supposed idiom you seem to be quite fond of lately. That said, I did not really mind your “working this or that design/dress”, since that could possibly make sense, – but “working her signature smile”?! Come on, for Pete’s sake. Except if you meant “[ap]plying/exploiting/misusing] it. Language is what we think by, you see – not what we work.

  4. Marija Post author

    Tulp, when I google “working her signature” I get 584,000 results and the context is the same as mine and it is positive: “working her signature curves”, “working her signature look”, “working her signature pose”, “working her signature sultry facial expression”, “working her signature bangs”, and so on.

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