Venus Williams works tennis fashion to remember with EleVen in 2013

Venus Williams designs her own clothes under her brand EleVen and she has proved that testing the boundaries does not threaten her, however, there where times when she was too courageous regarding style, ending up in tasteless, uncoordinated and overly provocative outfits, but this year she found the right edge, spicing up the fashion at tournaments with lively patterns, long and accessorized hair and playful manicures.

Venus Williams at the 2013 Australian Open 2

Here’s the first example of Venus’ statement hair and matching nails in 2013.

Venus Williams at the 2013 Australian Open

The Cross Court Dress was the star of EleVen at the Australian Open.

Venus Williams at the 2013 Australian Open 1

Venus also sported the watercolor print in a skort paired with a coral and a blue tank.

The same color combinations and prints were present in Venus’ subsequent tournament in Florianopolis.

Venus Williams Miami 2013

Tie-dye print, banded midsection, criss-cross straps that wrap along the back of the neck made the Miami Dress stand out.

Venus at the Family Circle Cup 2013 2

For Charleston – an ensemble for colder weather and the grey Ad Court Dress with contrast piping on front and back and side pockets.

Rome 2013 - Venus Williams

A pleated skort is a must-have, and Venus paired hers with a printed tank.

Roland Garros 1

For Roland Garros Venus prepared the V-neck Paris Dress with box pleating.

Roland Garros 2

The nice T-racerback didn’t get the well deserved attention as Venus wore long sleeves over it.

Venus Williams Toronto 2013

The so called Cincy Dress Python features empire waist and peek-a-boo back cutout.

US Open 1

The flowers of the US Open dress will definitely stay remembered in the history of tennis fashion.

US Open 2

And not to mention the oversized ring, manicure and long pink plait.

The evolution of EleVen’s fashion is heading in the right direction, in my opinion. In the beginning the designs were too plain, then they were too tacky, and now Venus has found that happy medium of creating interesting looks which are not over the top. Her last year’s outfits where the best by then, and this year we’ve seen further improvements. The 2011 season was a fashion debacle for EleVen, just as 2010, while 2009 and 2008 were nothing special.

Do you agree with me? And do you enjoy tennis fashion that surprises or you prefer plain and exclusively sporty looks?

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(photos: ©Neal Trousdale, Getty Images, Tennis Buzz)

10 thoughts on “Venus Williams works tennis fashion to remember with EleVen in 2013

  1. Snooby Dooby Doo

    Agreed, Marija 🙂 EleVen is developing its maturity to go along with its creativity, and is often putting major brands to shame (I’m looking at you, Stella) with her designs. Just my opinion 🙂

  2. Marija Post author

    Snooby Dooby Doo, Stella used to be on a superb level (during the Kirilenko era my favorite brand), but she’s lost herself in trying to be unique, while Venus has found her path. Thumbs up for Venus and Eleven, although I’d like to add that this particular style is not for everyone, Venus pulled it off perfectly this year.

  3. Brenda

    I’m agree with you. This year was -by far- the best of Eleven. However, Venus made some mistakes, like the US Open dress, but the rest of the collection was OK.

  4. fifi

    I think venus works Eleven very well this year…. creativity, mixing colors, innovative design are the base caracteristics of all these dresses …. i love the french open and miami dresses… PLUS the manicure is just fantastic, venus and serena always pay attention to their nails (serena is a nail technicien) … When it comes to fashion no one is better than the williams sisters !!!!

  5. Marija Post author

    Brenda, I think that the US Open dress is not for everyone to wear, but for the US Open stage and Venus it was a perfect pick.

    Fifi, my favorite was Maria Sharapova in her days of on-court glamour, Nike suits, sparkly outfits, hanging earrings, and Maria Kirilenko in her previous Stella McCartney era. Right now, I have no top choice, everyone adds something to the world of tennis fashion.

  6. Phaura Reinz

    Thanks for this Marija!

    I love, love, love this post.

    Loved the Aussie and US Open dresses. Just elegant, fit for a queen. The Miami dress, well, I want to stay out of it. Hahahahah.

    From 2008 to now, Vee has now given me my top 5 favorite Eleven Dresses. These are: 2013 USO dress, 2012 RG dress, 2008 Wimby dress, 2013 Aussie Open dress and 2010 RG ‘Can-Can’ dress (!).

  7. Jacob Appleton

    yeah, thumps up to marija everybody, we all love your blog but never really thank you enough! x

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