Marion Bartoli switches from tennis to figure skating

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Marion Bartoli figure skating

After her retirement from tennis in August this year, Marion Bartoli hinted that she would resume her childhood passion – classical ballet – which she had practiced for eight years. The Frenchwoman is still the reigning Wimbledon champion, but her focus is moving away from tennis to a sport very similar to ballet – the WTA star is now planning to try herself out in figure skating for the French version of the show called “Dancing on Ice”. I can easily imagine Jelena Jankovic as a figure skater, but it will be interesting to see Bartoli. I’m waiting for her to pleasantly surprise us! 🙂 (sources: Ozap, Tennis Forum)

14 thoughts on “Marion Bartoli switches from tennis to figure skating

  1. Marija Post author

    Tulp, I have to disappoint you. The image is from Tennis Forum (which I stated as a source). 😛

  2. Tulp

    Ah, I see… And yet, I wasn’t talking about the image – I was talking about imagination, you see… Well, never mind – what’s a word between friends.

  3. Tulp

    Erm, Marija… methinks: someone should finally design a blush-emoticon (if such a thing actually doesn’t already exist!), just to spare poor me the trouble of repeated typing…

  4. Marija Post author

    Tulp, you’ve revealed on several occasions that you blush, but judging by your sharp comments, you shouldn’t be the blushing type.

  5. Tulp

    Marija, dear, of course I’m not literally the “blushing type”, I’m just being metaphorical – that much you surely must have realised by now – since I’m, actually, pretty shy, you see… Go figure.

  6. Marija Post author

    Tulp, I can, at least to some extent, understand your complex, witty and illustrative character 🙂

  7. P!nky

    JJ i think did gymnastics as a child which helps with with full splits she does on odd occasion. Which adds to the appeal of her game. maybe we will see Bartoli at the winter olympics in 5 years.

  8. Marija Post author

    P!nky, but I also read that Bartoli played ballet, which seems hard to believe in my opinion. JJ is the greatest gymnast of the WTA.

  9. P!nky

    What players do when they are away from the tour can surprise us all. I read somewhere that Sania Mirza occasionally plays cricket in her off time.

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