Kim Clijsters on magazine cover and basketball game with one-month-old son


Super-mom Kim Clijsters gave birth to her second child, a son named Jack Leon Lynch, on September 18th, and the little guy is already attending photoshoots and basketball games. Well, what to expect when your mother is a tennis champion who won three Grand Slam titles after giving birth to her first child?

Kim Clijsters' family

Clijsters and her less-than-a-month-old little boy are gracing the cover of Belgium’s Dag Allemaal, the same magazine in which big sister Jada was featured as a baby in March 2008 (Jada was only two weeks old at the time).

Kim Clijsters at basketball game with son and daugther

And that’s not all, with both her children, Clijsters was spotted in the stands of a basketball game between Antwerp and Ostend, as her husband Brian Lynch is the assistant coach of the Antwerp Giants. (source: The Slice)

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