Dating? Gunnar Stansson always in the stands for Sara Errani

As you probably know, Women’s Tennis Blog has a section dedicated to the stories of women’s tennis players and their husbands/boyfriends and several readers have recently posted comments there inquiring whether Sara Errani is dating writer and actor Gunnar Stansson, as he has been seen watching her from the stands on numerous occasions, dating back to 2011.

I googled the subject and found several pics of Gunnar at Errani’s matches, including the last year’s Rogers Cup, as evidenced in the above photo and the video below.

The photo below is from the 2011 New Haven Open at Yale.

Could it be that Sara and Gunnar are dating? Do you have any insights? (photos: Piero Lopane Photography, stidlundphotos, Jessica Babos, © Neal Trousdale)

41 thoughts on “Dating? Gunnar Stansson always in the stands for Sara Errani

  1. Patrick Davids

    Oh yea! I’m basically convinced there’s something going on; I mean way back in 2011 even; if they’re not dating then they’re at least setting things up to begin dating.

  2. Rachael

    Ok, personally I think there’s somethin goin on…
    how would he be only seen at her matches..? Or like
    Patrick said they’re jus talkin right now like
    feelin each other out. I bet he likes her tho for
    sure. Ummm….I’m sorry but uh he’s handsom as hell!!
    Betta get him Sara!!

  3. tenniz-fan

    Hey should we send a question to WTA All Access Hour and see if they would actually ask her? 😀 Although I’m not sure if they ask as personal questions as this.

  4. Staci Clinton

    Ok so… What? Is this for real? He’s dark and
    handsome..those intense eyes..but I still don’t know?? Maybe
    just gossip?? Then again though that’s how it started
    with Vika and Redfoo, he was seen cheering her on
    from the stands then next thing you knew dating was
    Confirmed… Their pictures side by side look good
    though… A good looking couple… LOL IF THEY ARE A
    COUPLE…. = } ???

  5. Alexander M.

    Dude why not? Ya know? They look good together. Sara’s very
    naturally pretty. I saw some stuff on YouTube about this and
    a different video from the Rogers cup.. The tag in the video
    says “Notice Gunnar Stansson in the bacground!” Totally
    should ask at Cinci All Access Hour!

  6. Gwen

    He’s so handsome…great pic Sara! 🙂 and since he’s a writer he could help you with your English…

  7. Big Locust

    This has kinda been common knowledge for a while in WTA circles tbh….. No surprises here; in fact I’d say you guys are a bit late on the story. Go Sara and Gunnar!!

  8. sabey

    How come no mention of the Rogers Cup? Outfits and boyfriends are great but isn’t this called the womens’ tennis blog?

  9. Tori

    To me based on all these sightings it makes sense, especially since in 2011 Errani
    Was way lesser known than she is now. Thing is in her interviews she talks about
    not having a boyfriend…??? Maybe they’re just pals…she he’s just her goodlooking
    male friend?? Lol!

  10. Maria Teresa

    Yes LoL! Her veri goodlooking male friend!! But why in pics and vid it
    look like he no looking at her? = {

    *Gregoire* he afraid to say vamos!! !!!LOL!!!

  11. Summer Beth

    Sara you go girl!! He’s super cute…those dark eyebrows..Yea I’ve read some
    interviews too she says she’ single so who knows? But all the evidence suggests
    something’s up.

  12. Kristen

    He’s got nice looks…but still I’m not sure Sara would be into the whole bad boy actor type…look at those piercings..ouch.. : [

  13. Millicent

    Wait this is the actor from YouTube?? He grew up to be damn handsome!!!
    Way to go Sara he’s funny and cute!! If these rumors are actually true of course
    = }

  14. Veronica

    OMG SEXY CHOCOLATE MAN!!! LOL : > I’ve been reading all the
    gossip on the net and browsing through the pics; for sure
    it looks like they’re dating…but I would really like to see
    pics of them together off court.

  15. Julia Diana

    Wow Sara!! He’s so handsome…those dark eyebrows; he’s a keeperfor
    sure you two look great together!!

  16. Cassandra

    Thick sexy eyebrows… full lips..great jawline…what’s not to like?
    In reality every chick loves HOT CHOCOLATE!!! : }

  17. Severine

    He’s good loodking and all…but I didn’t know Sara was into the whole
    bad boy actor thing..? Look at all those piercings!!! In her VF interview
    she said she’s into “the good guys”…

  18. Steven

    I don’t buy it. She’s way to pretty to even look twice at this guy.
    She’s beautiful inside and out and this guy doesn’t even deserve to
    be anywhere near her. Look at Red Foo and stupid Vika that look so
    stupid together it makes me sick. She’s a classic Italian beauty
    and he’s just a dumb clown. Sara you are beautiful beyond bounds I’m
    sorry that idiots are gossiping about you especially bc of this

  19. Queen Eliza

    Yea for sure good for her if they’re together; he’s a very
    handsome guy. Well Roby has a boyfriend, her coach so…

  20. Brianna

    For some reason I always thought Errani was dating her coach too!?? But in her VF
    interview she says he’s married and the she’s his kids godmother. So much
    for my little theory… Anyways Gunnar’s waaaaayyyy better looking than her
    coach so it’s nice. : } If you two break up he’s mine!!!! LOLS!!

  21. twin

    @ warchild, stereotype much? keep wallowing in your rumor cess pool.
    I bet you label people on a daily basis,especially women in sports.

  22. Tom Everett Scott

    Marija, call me, I’ve got some more information on this story. Tom Hanks keeps my phone in his pocket (he pays the bill), so just call him, as a matter of fact.

  23. Linda

    Wow….on Gunnars wikepeida page Sara is even mentioned…They make
    a great looking couple. Congrats!! = }

  24. Hilda Helga

    1rst of all,let me jus say, he is so freakin
    handsome!!! Look @ his sexy I’s!!! Good choice
    Sara : ) but….I need more proof..I hav to c
    pics of them 2gether off court.. N E ways he’s soo
    damn hot!!

  25. Friendly Kisses

    Sara you’re such a natural beauty. If he’s your BF
    then GOOD JOB!!!!!! HE’S A LOOKER!!!! You 2 look very
    sweet 2gether. He looks like a bit of a bad boy
    though…like dark & mysterious.. and all those
    earrings…lol kinda reminds me of Agassi haha!!
    Best of luck. : )


    Sara…when you want a REAL…ITALIAN…MAN…call me…
    I love u and Italy loves u!
    U R the best,sweety!

  27. Sarah Westerman

    Wow, a lot of interest in this couple….maybe bc he’s a handsome actor and she’s a gorgeous tennis star…. My fav couple besides Rory and Caro. Go Sara and Gunnar!!

    P.s. Gunnar’s hot and all…but not as hot as Flavia’s new man……lol

  28. Lillian

    Sara, you are such a natural beauty….seriously you don’t have to do anything to look pretty…and your boyfriend Gunnar…is such a handsome man…he’s very sexy….You Go Girl!!!

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