Vote for Sharapova, Williams, Azarenka in the ESPY Awards

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Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka are competing in the ESPY Awards (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) in the Best Female Tennis Player category. Serena Williams has been nominated for the Best Female Athlete as well, alongside Gabby Douglas (Olympic gymnastics), Missy Franklin (Olympic swimming) and Brittney Griner (NCAA Baylor Women’s Basketball).

Voting ends July 17 9 p.m. ET and while the ESPY Awards will be held on the same day at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The awards have been presented by the American cable television network ESPN since 1993, honoring the best athletes and sports achievements. (photos: Moo’s Tennis Blog)

8 thoughts on “Vote for Sharapova, Williams, Azarenka in the ESPY Awards

  1. Petey Detruse

    The ESPY awards.

    More generally, awards. Awards of any type. Why are they important? They ARE important, are they not?

    Sometimes I don’t know. The three women nominated for the ESPY awards have collectively earned over $40 million dollars between themselves, just in 2013. They have won 2 grand slams of the 2013 season and many other tournaments. Magazine covers, endorsements, sponsorships, public attention, and “private” attention blossomed into romance have visited all of these women who are nominated for the 2013 ESPY awards.

    They are, the media’s choice as the tennis superstars.

    Do they need another trophy? Better stated, why do we fail to find ways to award the players who are not in the top 3?

    There are so many players who have dedicated themselves to being the best that they can be. Players who are fine examples as human beings. Players who meet their WTA commitments, who find ways to improve themselves, overcome injury, family strife and misfortune and still are fine examples of workmanship and quality – the pillars that comprise the sport of women’s tennis. The people without whom hoisting a grand slam trophy would be as meaningful as a the celebration of a Canadian ice hockey team over defeating the team from Mozambique. Tennis, and these stars who were nominated, would not exist without a deep bench of talented hard working and committed women who live in airplanes and cheap hotel rooms to be with the tour. Jet lag, injury, food illness, anonymity, family disruption, lack of coaching resources, lack of money – these all come with the profession. But lack of recognition?

    Why is THAT necessary?

    Why can’t we figure out a way to give attention to the players who are lesser in terms of ranking but supreme in terms of other accomplishment?

    And why exactly have we failed to give Jelena Jankovic a trophy for the smoking power-sexy stone hard erection popping body that she brings to tennis? That pretty woman deserves an Espy award for being so hot.

    Go JJ!!

  2. Marija Post author

    Petey, it’s expected that Masha, Vika and Serena have been nominated. That’s life and it makes sense. I remember that Michael Jordan once said that when he didn’t have money no one would give him money and when he became rich he couldn’t spend his money as he got everything for free: food, clothes, etc.

  3. P!nky

    Marija, i agree that Maria, Victoria, Serena got the nods, but with the rest of America’s sports are just gonna vote for Serena

  4. Marija Post author

    P!nky, that’s exactly what happened. But still, no one can argue that Serena wasn’t the best player in the past year.

  5. P!nky

    I don’t like the Williams sisters and refuse to watch their matches unless they play JJ or Puchy or another player I like enough to sideline my hate for American tennis commentators biased towards the sisters. Maria and Victoria are grunters and just annoying to watch these days. Even I voted for Serena cause what she did this past year is bloody incredible.

  6. Petey Detruse

    Pinky, I am an American and I do agree with you. The American commentators are biased. I have said this before. I do not believe that their bias is solely for the Williams sisters, but it does exist for the American players and for those who are what they believe are the top contenders at a tournament.

    Having said that, please do not allow them to make you feel hate. They are trying to sell their broadcasts to sponsors and they do these things for that reason primarily.

    I try not to say who I do not like. I’d rather say whom I like.

    JJ is definitely a person I like. :o)

  7. Marija Post author

    Petey and P!nky, a gathering of two JJ fans 🙂 Count me in, that’s three! 🙂

  8. KAREN


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