Agnieszka Radwanska gets naked for ESPN’s Body Issue

Agnieszka Radwanska joined tennis stars Serena Williams, Daniela Hantuchova and Vera Zvonareva who have bared it all for the famous ESPN’s Body Issue.

Besides playing tennis, here’s what the Poland’s world No.4 does to keep her body in shape:

Sit-ups, for sure. I like to do more than 300 in a single session. That makes my stomach rock hard. But when I do them, I’m thinking, “I wish this were over” or “Now I can eat more chocolate.”

As I’ve read in Wikipedia, the most popular edition and biggest financial success of the Body Issue, featuring athletes in nude and semi-nude photographs, was the Serena Williams edition in 2009.

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5 thoughts on “Agnieszka Radwanska gets naked for ESPN’s Body Issue

  1. Peter Detruse

    A-Rad is beautiful. I love her tennis and she should be as proud to hold that magazine up as she has lifted trophys 12 times.

    I’m not abashed nor prurient or scatalogogical when I say it: the culture is changing around our perception of women’s bodies. 50 years ago a teenager who found out what his wally wally can do had as his model big boobed women with a wholly different body type. I think this is healthy and it’s damn good marketing for women’s tennis.

    It’s just not computing as to how the ESPN pinheads missed Jelena The Body Jankovic. I know she was offered Playboy 6 years ago and flatly refused. Maybe she turned this down also.

    Thing is, Jelena The Body Jankovic is hotter fully dressed than these others butt naked. But there is nothing hotter than any woman who is a tennis player.

    Victoria Secrets for Valentine’s day? How about a tennis dress instead.

    Go JJ!

  2. Joe

    Naked females are pretty nice to look at already, but make it a professional athlete and they’re even better. She shouldn’t worry about the Catholics; they still believe what Augustine, a party animal of the first order, said about sexuality. If God had intended us to be clothed, we wouldn’t be born naked.

  3. Alan

    Professional tennis players take extreme measures to insure that their bodies are tough enough to endure the rigors of a competitive tennis match.
    Anyone who has seen how low Agniezska gets down for many of her shots knows she is in amazing shape.
    Thank you Aggie for letting us revel at your athletic body.

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