Serena Williams powers into French Open final, Sharapova awaits

As expected, Serena Williams was absolutely ruthless against poor Sara Errani and the match can best be summed up by the fact that the Italian celebrated the winning of her first game, which happened in the tenth game of the encounter, as if she won at least the set. That game turned out to be the one and only game Errani won in the entire semifinal.

Who would have thought that Errani played the final of this same Grand Slam just last year! But anyone who faces Serena nowadays has a 90% chance to just hit the wall. Can you imagine, Serena hit 40 winners in the 46-minute match!

In the big championships match, Williams will face defending champion Maria Sharapova, who overcame Victoria Azarenka earlier in the day. Since the start of the tournament Williams and Sharapova have been by far the biggest favorites for the trophy. Will Sharapova be able to stop Serena? Considering Serena’s dominance and the fact that she has not lost to the Russian since 2004, having beaten her in their last ten matches, Sharapova will need all the luck in the world. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)

5 thoughts on “Serena Williams powers into French Open final, Sharapova awaits

  1. TennisWeBlog

    Although I wanted Sara to actually win that sami final, as some of the hopes had left in me, I’m happy Serena got it. This made the final even more exciting, is Masha finally able to defeat Serena ? Can’t wait to see ! 😉

  2. Gregoire Gentil

    In post match interview, Errani said that she “enjoyed” the match. Well, next time, she should come to the court with her leather outfit!

  3. Marija Post author

    Haha I can’t believe Sara said she enjoyed the match. It was probably the worst Grand Slam semifinal in history.

  4. tenniz-fan

    I felt so bad for Errani. But I could see this coming as Serena crushed her at the US Open also. With Errani’s serve, you simply cannot win against Serena or Sharapova.

  5. Marine

    Poor Sara, that was a total beatdown. I am wondering if the top players are actually trying against Serena or if some kind of gave up. It is usually the lower ranked players who give her at least a bit of a fight.
    I am afraid Sharapova has no chance, Serena is on fire at the moment so it will be a very one-sided final.

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