From yellow to green – spring Nike clothes for Serena and Maria

In spring 2013Maria Sharapova will probably wear a green version of her Australian Open Nike dress, which happened to be yellow and grey, just like the majority of Adidas clothes at the tournament. For spring tournaments, Adidas and Nike have taken different paths – Adidas’ clothes for that part of the season will be predominantly blue, including those designed by Stella McCartney, while Nike chose green for their two most lucrative WTA names.

The item Maria is expected to wear is officially called Nike Women’s Spring Premier Maria Dress. Serena’s Australian Open dress was purple with orange and light purple color-blocking on the waist, while her spring Nike Women’s Force Pleated Knit Dress has more colors – it is green and white with blue and yellow color-block element.

In case Sharapova opts for separates for some tournaments, she will probably wear the above green Premier Maria Tank. (source: The Slice)

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11 thoughts on “From yellow to green – spring Nike clothes for Serena and Maria

  1. Marija Post author

    Gregoire, I find it better than yellow. I did like the Adidas yellows, but the fact that so many brands used it was too much. Too much of green is acceptable. 🙂

    Caps321, hey thanks for sharing. And thank you for telling me that my contact form is not working, hmmm, again! 😛 I have to fix it somehow.

    This photo of Vesnina is my new fav childhood photo of all WTA players: 😀 Absolute favorite!

  2. Brenda

    Are you sure that these dresses are for Roland Garros? Nike always made dresses for Indian Wells and Miami. For example, last year Maria and Serena wore the same as Australia but in different colours…
    Whatever, Maria’s horrible. I like Serena’s one, but I think that she’s not the right person to wore it

  3. Marija Post author

    Brenda, you’re right. Adidas is the brand which introduces their AO designs in different color during the RG lead-up tournaments, here’s an example of Ivanovic (, while Nike introduces completely new items at RG:

  4. Marine

    Nike has not done a good job with Maria’s dress this time. The colours make it look a bit dull and ordinary. It would look a lot better if they were more bright.

    Serena’s dresses are nice, I like the one which is more colourful the most.

  5. Maria

    Maria is usually doesn’t wear a grand slam dress again. At least she did not wear in 2012. Serena too. Amazing:D

  6. Mirjana

    I actually prefer this Maria’s dress more than the yellow one, the color is new and at least there won’t be so much yellow now. 🙂

  7. Liz

    I prefer the greens too! I don’t think it’s too dull for Maria. It’s refreshing. However, I doubt about the colors of Serena’s dress on her. I’m curious to see them wear it 😉

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