Sharapova and Ivanovic in Milan: tennis, Armani, shopping, tricky interviews

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On December 1st, Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic teamed up for a doubles match for the first time at an exhibition in Milan. Their opponents were experienced Italian partners Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci, who won two Grand Slam doubles titles in 2012, on top of six WTA doubles titles. The newbie doubles team lost, but as individuals, in singles, they were victorious. Tennis was not the only highlight of the Milan story, though.

There was this hilarious interview with Ivanovic and Sharapova. They were asked which thing they would like to have that the other one has, and Sharapova said she would love Serbian fans, as they are more enthusiastic than the Russians. The best, of course, was saved for the last, when the interviewer asked them what they think which one would marry first and Ivanovic responded that Sharapova was closer! Hahaha. Sharapova laughed it out, but slowly started packing her stuff, closing the interview.

There is also this quite long video of Sharapova shopping in the streets of Milan. Thanks to our reader Mary I hear that the appearance of Grigor Dimitrov in the footage raised some relationship rumors. So far it’s just off-season gossip, but who knows.

During their time in Milan, the players visited the Armani Cafe, as well as the fashion designer’s home. Sharapova shared her photo with Mr. Armani on Facebook.

Sharapova is now already back in Florida, training in the gym, while reliving the Christmas spirit of Milan in her head. Ivanovic is in Serbia, where on Monday night she received a Best Lifestyle Award by the Fabrika Fashion Agency, as a woman who stands out with her authentic and positive attitude towards life and work, as someone that young generations should look up to.


  1. Thanks for posting these cool videos. Ana and Maria have style on and off the court. So fun to get a glimpse inside their lives when they’re not playing tennis.

  2. I want a love letter from Maria Sharaprova because I love her very much. Please write me Maria. I am your good friend and love for ever. Dibyendu

  3. I love Maria Sharaprova. She is my Dream Girl and want marry her. I hope, she will love me.

    Dibyendu Das Gupta


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