Serena Williams to wear navy, lime and fireberry this fall

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Now we know what Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams will wear during the hardcourt season: the above Nike Women’s Autumn Statement Knit Dress.

There are two versions of the item: navy with lime contrasting features and fireberry with navy and lime contrasts. The dress has thick straps, centrally-placed skirt pleats, while the four pleats at the waist and a band on back form a belt.

Even before the Summer Olympics we got a sneak peek at Maria Sharapova’s Nike dresses for the 2012 US Open, and the pink one, intended for day matches, the Russian has already worn at the shooting of a Head commercial with Novak Djokovic.

(source: Slice)

10 thoughts on “Serena Williams to wear navy, lime and fireberry this fall

  1. Jane

    certainly prefer Serena’s dresses than Sharapova’s. Serena’s are bold and exciting. The black dress which I assume will be her night dress, is one of my favorites.

  2. Marija Post author

    Nancy, these are not the exact shorts that Serena wore this US Open, but are matching: [links expired]

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