Jankovic coachless again, fires Krajan

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It was only in April that Jelena Jankovic started working with Zeljko Krajan as her coach and now in June they are already parting ways.

Unhappy with her progress and following her first-round loss at Wimbledon, Jankovic expressed dissatisfaction with the former coach of Dominika Cibulkova and Dinara Safina, while he was also appreciative of ending the cooperation with the Serb, describing her as undisciplined and not willing to apply the tactics he proposed. (source: Blic, photo: © Neal Trousdale)

4 thoughts on “Jankovic coachless again, fires Krajan

  1. Mirjana

    I-m not suprised at all. JJ is so stubborn and I feel like not much of what the coach is telling her really comes to her head. It’s not about the coaches, it’s about her. Until she gets her focus and determination back and starts training seriously, there will be no results.

  2. JohnnyB

    I can’t believe any player would hire this guy. Poor Safina – he was so nasty to her.

  3. Marine

    Domi fired him a while ago,too. He seems to be a bit rough with the players from what I can understand from their on-court coaching conversations.

  4. Roy

    Safina was overplayed, Jankovic parted ways with Krajan – so did Cibulkova, now Laura Robson.

    Zeljko Krajan doesn’t seem to be too easy to work with…

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