Wozniacki wins 11th straight match in Copenhagen

Since the Copenhagen tournament was first organized in 2010, Caroline Wozniacki has made it a priority in her schedule and her results at the event more than pleased the home fans – two titles in two years of the tournament existence. The twice-defending champion opened her 2012 campaign at the e-Boks Open with a 7-6(4) 6-2 win over Urszula Radwanska in the first round, thus improving her perfect win-loss record at the $220,000 event to 11-0. The top-seeded Wozniacki will play Pauline Parmentier of France in the second round.

Caroline’s golfer boyfriend Rory McIlory flew to Copenhagen to support her, visiting Denmark for the first time. Meanwhile, Rory’s ex-girlfriend Holly Sweeney is still revisiting the breakup topic. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)

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7 thoughts on “Wozniacki wins 11th straight match in Copenhagen

  1. ccmack

    Haha – didn’t realise this tournament was in it’s infancy – guess it was invented just for Woz. If Caro fails to win this year I guess they’ll stop holding it.

  2. Tulp

    Much more interesting though (at least tennis-wise) was watching Urszula Radwańska play a great set of tennis in the match, way more pleasing than Woz’s. Even more so Stéphanie Foretz Gacon, who pushed Angelique Kerber to three sets and could have just as well, quite deservedly, beaten her.

  3. Marija Post author

    Ccmack, I guess it’s not out of the question 🙂

    Tulp, what counts in the end is who won, and Woz’s streak will stay in memory, if it stays… 🙂

  4. Tulp

    Perhaps, Marija… Or: almost certainly – nay, for sure! But I’m not a bookkeeper – I love the game, and I’ll remember this round by some wonderful tennis Urszula and Stéphanie played (and, sadly, lost). So, no: “what counts in the end is NOT who won”, although, yes, “Woz’s streak will stay in [bookkeepers’ etc.] memory”; and yes, oh yes, “if it stays…”

  5. Marine

    She was pretty horrible in a match against U.Radwanska. However, she has just won second round against Parmentier with a lot more convincing score (6-2 6-1).

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