Wozniacki’s fail in being funny

During an All-Access Hour in Indian Wells, Caroline Wozniacki tried to be funny and pop a balloon behind Maria Sharapova, while the Russian was being interviewed, but what was supposed to be a prank turned into an epic fail. Watch!

Wozniacki is trying too hard! And the balloon fail wasn’t all, she was even making faces behind Agnieszka Radwanska!?

On a different note, Wozniacki is willing to alter her game in order to win a major and/or the Olympics, even if it means losing some matches initially. The Dane will not change what is working, but she will try out new elements.

Wozniacki won Indian Wells last year, while in 2010 she was runner-up to Jelena Jankovic. (photo: AP via The Slice)

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15 thoughts on “Wozniacki’s fail in being funny

  1. Anaivanovicfan

    Shes a failure! Try so hard this time. And remember last year she try to make joke about being attack by panda but it just a stupid joke. And she cant even being a grand slam winner!

    Poor you caroline, choose something you good on it.

  2. Harriet

    I must admit I find the comments to this post quite catty!

    @tilman: really? she might have a childish sense of humor, but I hardly think the girl is stupid.

    @Anaivanovicfan: I seriously believe YOU should choose to do something you are good at. It is clearly not commenting tennis nor writing in english. Good luck with that.

    So about Caroline.. I have yet to find one of her jokes funny. But I don’t care about her jokes, I care about her game. I recognize her as a serious and talented tennis player, and I really hope she will be able to develop her game to be more aggressive on the court. Otherwise she might very well fade away.

  3. Harriet

    Yeah, you might be right, Marija. I assume she makes jokes because she has a need to do so. Why she has that need I can’t say. I guess it must be some mental diversion from her game. It seems silly and childish, but if that is what she needs to do keep herself happy, I’m not gonna judge.

    It is an interesting thought experiment to imagine what could happen if she redirected her focus from her jokes to her game. Would it make a difference? Maybe, but I doubt it.

    What bothered me though were the comments to this story. I found them mean spirited and somewhat unfair. But that’s the internet 😉

  4. Tulp

    Many sportsmen and sportswomen are (just as many men and women, for that matter) psychologically quite immature – i.e. childish, or, if you like, childlike. Two of the things that characterize immaturity (children) are: first, a crude sense of humour – such as “Schmerzen Freude” and pranks (fine sense of humour comes with higher intellectual and emotional development) – and, second, a kind of autism which makes one believe that the others see one just as one sees oneself. Our “golden girl” is simply an epitome of this. Luckily, there is some “gold” in her: she means no harm – she is a good natured simpleton who believes that everything is wonderful and that she is the most wonderful part of all that wonderfulness. Now, Harriet, about the mean-spirited comments: what to expect of people who, for instance, do not distinguish pandas from kangaroos?

  5. Harriet

    Thanks for the insight Tulp, it makes a lot of sense. And yes, silly me. I should have adjusted my expectations accordingly 🙂

  6. Maggie

    Player’s psychology aside, I find the wording of this article a little strange: “Wozniacki is willing to alter her game…”. I don’t know if it’s Caroline’s choice of words or the author’s of the article, but seriously, “willing”?! She doesn’t have a choice in that matter, either she do that or she’s going to start falling lower and lower in the ranking. She may be consistent, but it’s not gonna be enough to fight the current top 5. So it’s not about being willing, it’s more about being forced to change.

  7. Marija Post author

    Maggie, the only thing you’re forced to do is to die. The option to change her game is her choice.

  8. Marine

    Haha, Marija, well said. 🙂 I think Caroline has her style as every player and if she wishes to play this way it is her choice.
    I am getting tired of this endless rhetoric that she has to change everything. Her style has worked pretty well so far.

  9. Maggie

    Well Marija, no doubt about that, she doesn’t have to change per se, but she needs to, otherwise she’ll continue to lose.
    Marine, I like Caroline, as I wrote before she’s consistent and don’t do many direct faults, more like waits for her opponent to make mistake. And that was good enough when there wasn’t a dominant player in the picture – Caroline was playing the most tournaments in top 10 tours, so she was cumulating points without getting the most important titles. But this tactic can only take you so far, and for 2 reasons. 1) Playing this much tourmanets means she’s tired, more prone to injury and can’t concentrate on the most important tournaments. 2)In current situation, with Azarenka on roll, Sharapova, Kvitova and Radwanska in good shape, Wozniacki needs to be more agressive, to push them instead of patiently waiting for their mistakes.
    And she’s perfectly aware of that, considering that she’s talking about changes. Only now, she seems to be a little lost, with all the coach changes and all. I hope she’ll pull trough.

  10. Marine

    Magie, she did not play more tournaments than other top 10 players, there were players who played more than her.

    That is besides a point though, playing many tournaments won’t make anyone automatically a no.1. If so, the players who do 30 events a year would be there in a hearbeat,LOL.

  11. Maggie

    In 2011 she played 22 tournaments, the most of top 5, the only one who played more in top 10 is Bartoli with 29 (so yeah, sorry about that mistake, she did not played the most, but still one of the higest numbers). And Bartoli has exactly the same problem that Wozniacki, they’re both good enough to get into semi- or finals in every tournaments played, so they get their points, more so, since those tournaments they were playing were important, so the points gain was important to even with only being runner up. But at the most important moments something is missing – and they’re losing those finals (especially Grand Chelem finals in Wozniacki case). And untill now it was good enough because there wasn’t this one exceptional player, like Sharapova or Williams sisters at one point, and Azarenka right now.

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