Just in time for the Aussie Open: get 5 free HD video tips to quickly improve your game!

Most of you guys have been watching the Australian Open over the last couple of days and hopefully you are excited to get on the tennis court yourselves. In order to help you with your own game, our loyal reader and contributor Florian from OnlineTennisInstruction.com has put together a series of free tennis video tips and decided to promote them on Women’s Tennis Blog. Check out his sample video tip below and feel free to tell him your thoughts in the comments and of course if you like the tip sign up to his newsletter to receive more free video tips.

The video tips are meant to be actionable and effective in a short period of time.

Florian says:

Tennis video instruction is helping tennis players all over the world now get a better idea of what they need to do in order to improve and I am excited to be a part of it!

Here is one of his free video tips:

In the Top5 video series, all four areas of the game are covered. There are tips for:

  • Improving your groundstrokes and missing less on the net;
  • Developing a better service motion;
  • Playing smarter and hitting to the right targets;
  • Developing more efficient footwork;
  • Improving your mental game.

I spent the past 10 years of my life coaching and researching how tennis players can improve and what I found is that most players get stuck at a certain level and often remain there for the rest of their tennis career. Usually they lack the right information to take their game to the next level and my goal with OnlineTennisInstruction.com is to close that gap. – says Florian.

OnlineTennisInstruction.com is a website focused on helping tennis players improve their game. Florian also writes about current events in pro tennis on his blog and recently had a guest post here where he provided us with his Australian Open preview. Visit his website to get more tennis tips.

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One thought on “Just in time for the Aussie Open: get 5 free HD video tips to quickly improve your game!

  1. jeanius

    Regarding Omair’s comments about the “youngster” Azarenka…she is 22 years old, just 2 years younger than Sharapova. That term truly mischaracterizes her. It’s not like she is in her teens. She may be relatively new to the top echelon of players, but that doesn’t make her a youngster. Meantime, I think it’s great that she won and I hope to see her continue in that path.

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