Agnieszka Radwanska models and talks for

At a Polish website dedicated to style, the country’s No.1 player Agnieszka Radwanska presented her modeling skills and talked about her early life, family and the way she handles money. Thanks to The Slice we have rough translations of several Radwanska’s statements.

Even though the 22-year-old likes to pamper herself with a Louis Vuitton bag when she wins a tournament, she’s not shy of wearing cheap clothes as well and the majority of what she earns is invested in more stable assets:

Money is primarily invested in real estate.

As for tennis, just like most WTA players, Radwanska has never known for anything else in her life:

There were difficult moments, but overall I was happy. Besides, I knew no other life, I never wondered if I could do something else.

Radwanska also said:

The athlete who needs a psychologist, is not suitable for sport.

Some WTA players might be offended! 😛

The full interview is available here.

Additional info: Just a few days ago in an interview for the Sydney Morning Herald the eighth-ranked Agnieszka expressed her frustration of drawing her sister Urszula in the first round of a tournament for the fourth consecutive time. Agnieszka defeated the 102nd-ranked Urszula 6-1 6-1 this week in Sydney and commented:

We said the next time I think we’re just going to pack and go home because this is ridiculous.

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One thought on “Agnieszka Radwanska models and talks for

  1. Marek Budnicki

    Niesamowite, Piekne zdjecia Agnieszki. Bardzo lubie ogladac mecze Agnieszki, bo gra wspanialy tenis. Tyle radosci przynosisz Prawdziwym Polakom. Trzymamy kciuki za Toba.

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