Tennis and electric screwdrivers have Vera Zvonareva in common

When I look back on 2011, these are the best sponsorship photos of a WTA player. Hilarious! I was guilty of not sharing them the moment they were released, but better late then never.

Russian power tools company Prorab announced their sponsorship of Vera Zvonareva and these weird photos of the tennis star in her K-Swiss apparel with tools and machines emerged.

A WTA player is advertising concrete mixers, compressors, pumps, sawing machines, drilling machines, chainsaws, electric screwdrivers. Can it get any cooler than that? 🙂 (source: Slice)

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4 thoughts on “Tennis and electric screwdrivers have Vera Zvonareva in common

  1. Diane

    Those are ridiculously funny. They look like some kind of spoof on James Bond movies. Actually, Zvonareva has a sort of “Bondish” quality, doesn’t she? The first one would make a great poster.

  2. Lulinka

    Nothing personal, but she looks terrible in those photos. Why on earth she wore tennis outfits? And hair-style and makeup wise, it’s even bigger catastrophy. Seriously, my grandma can make better curls with 100yrs old curling iron than her hairdresser. Big embarrasment for her…

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