Sneak photos of Serena Williams’ dress for Australian Open 2012

Images of Serena William‘s Rally Statement dress for the 2012 Australian Open have surfaced and from what we can see Nike will continue to take the path they’ve been following in the recent years for Serena – sporty dresses, pretty and simple designs in one predominant color.

I like how Serena looks in well-fitting dresses with few accessories in design (no ruffles, excess material and stuff) and in colors that are not bland. Striking green, blue, red, pink, etc. with touches of some other vibrant color for contrast, or even only black or white, perfectly suit Serena’s skin tone and character.

Soon I will post a retrospection of all Serena’s 2011 dresses, so stay tuned for more Nike fashion! 😉 In the meantime, check out outfits Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki are expected to wear at the first Grand Slam of the 2012 season. (source: DeShawn Besabella)

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13 thoughts on “Sneak photos of Serena Williams’ dress for Australian Open 2012

  1. Mirjana

    I love Serena’s dresses, and this one is great, especially the purple details. :)But what i mind is that Serena often seems to be wearing the smaller size, so the bottom of the dress is too short.

  2. Sam

    Serena always has some of the best outfits in recent times (2010&11) and this looks no different. Simple bit fierce and Serena’s curvaceous body will add another element to dress

  3. Rocky

    GOGOGOGOGO SERERNA GOAT…YOU gotta show some cleavage, that’s why I watch women’s tennis – very sexy figure with bumbs in right places – CANT WAIT!

  4. fifi

    Serena look beautiful in that dress:) i really appreciate her fashion … she and venus take the tennis fashion to another dimension:)

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