Elena Dementieva to marry long-time boyfriend Maxim Afinogenov

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Thanks to Alla Kudryavtseva and Twitter we’re learning that Elena Dementieva is getting married, according to the tweet I suppose on Saturday, July 16th. Dementieva’s husband will be her long-time boyfriend, 31-year-old Maxim Afinogenov. He is a professional ice hockey player.

This news is not a surprise at all. When Dementieva retired from tennis last October she hinted thinking about starting a family:

To be honest with you, I mean, if I would be a man I would never stop playing.  But in the age 29; I have to think about something else. I think I’m ready for the big change in my life.

(source: DeShawn Besabella, photo via My Fabe Tennis)

9 thoughts on “Elena Dementieva to marry long-time boyfriend Maxim Afinogenov

  1. Mentari

    Congrats! I’m really happy for them both, I always like to imagine them as a family 🙂

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