Who is Petra Kvitova’s father?

I was inspired to do this post when I saw that many news sources, including The Telegraph and Guardian, claimed this guy was Petra Kvitova’s father. He may have been the most noticeable face in Kvitova’s box, but he is not the 2011 Wimbledon champion‘s father. I found that the man is Jaroslav Navratil, a former professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia.

Here are photos of Kvitova’s father Jiri Kvita, who introduced Kvitova to tennis.

Jiri is a teacher.

In the photo below you can see Kvitova’s brothers Jiri and Libor, and her mother Pavla. Father Jiri is in blue shirt.

Do you have some good sources that confirm the identity of the man in the first photo? Do you have some more photos of Kvitova’s family? (photos via Tennis Forum, Denik.cz)

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19 thoughts on “Who is Petra Kvitova’s father?

  1. K07

    Thanks for clarifying this, Marija.
    I too noticed that various media sources were claiming the man in the top photo was Petra’s father, when in fact this is not correct.

    I’m not sure of the identity of the man above. Jaroslav Navratil is Tomas Berdych’s former coach, and I believe current CZ Davis cup captain. This does not appear to be him.

  2. Marija Post author

    K07, we know for sure who Kvitova’s father is, but the man in the first photo is still not 100% confirmed.

    Of course, I saw the pics a couple of days ago 😉 Yesterday Serbian journalists were naming all the posh meals they had that night.

  3. xbrook

    I have no idea who the man in the first picture is, however, I am 100% sure he is not Jaroslav Navrátil.

  4. Cherry

    Thank you for the clarification. A lot of articles on the internet are just being rewritten. Maybe that’s why a lot of sites joined the bandwagon that the man in the first photo is Petra’s father.

  5. Gregoire Gentil

    Very good article. I definitely prefer the real father! Here is the most revelant source I found:


    The google translation is a little bit flaky:

    “Fantastic success Petra Kvitova in the finals this year was crowned Wimbledon women’s one more success, this time in the field of fashion. The style of dressing men from the Fulnek is likely to become final after the world trend.

    For all the two men from the camp Petra Kvitova, who took pictures during the final of the box with extensive cheering the British press (and one of them repeatedly erroneously claimed to be the father of Petra Kvitova). The pair looks much Czech. One pair is a bit plump man with a mustache and hair style football, which in England is nicknamed “Mullet” and goes about nejvysmívanější headgear, which in the British Isles can be, dressed in a simple white shirt with collar. The second man has a blue shirt and both cheer like hell.”

    Another thread with the similar question:

  6. Mishika

    Thanks for the clarification!! At times media’s “we know it all” attitude sucks!

  7. LuLinQa

    The exact translation (I speak czech) is:
    The fantastic success of Petra Kvitová in the final of this years wimbledon was crowned by one more success, now in the field of fashion. The style of men from Fulnek is, after final of wimby, likely to become the world trend.

  8. Marija Post author

    So the hair-style guy remains a mystery! :/

    Brenda, as for Wozniacki dress, it’s very simple, why is it white? I love the yellow skirt, btw!

  9. brenda

    i have readen that the dress that she’ll use at theus open is the same but in yellow

  10. Marija

    Brenda, I think I would like that! I like that shade of yellow, and the dress design looks nice.

  11. brenda

    yes! I like the dress butif you look at the web you can see that in the models of “asesor de estil” looks great! On caroline looks disgusting..like a bear

  12. caro dress

    She is not a model, just a tennis player. I hope she will be able to play. And I like the dress.

  13. brenda

    she’s not a model tht is obvious! but stella is a top designer, so she should dress models

  14. anna

    Oh God, I had such a good laugh reading the original article from czech press on “mullet” guy
    vs Anna Wintour…AW expression speaks volumes and comment was she was overwhelmed and defeated twice – by actions on the court and not less by Fulnek’s fashion.
    At the same time they didn’t identify the gay, some comment said its such and such from their village but you cannot trust that sarcastic humor..so I don’t know..
    Btw I admire Petra and her family.

  15. Alex

    Ten pán na první fotografii,je občan z Fulneku.Jmíno uvádět nebudu.Je to asi největší fanoušek.Nechybí na žadném zápasu Fed cupu

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