Li Na and Maria Sharapova in the Annie Leibovitz Nike “Make Yourself” campaign

Nike hired famed photographer Annie Leibovitz to shoot ads for their “Make Yourself” campaign and tennis players Li Na and Maria Sharapova are among the seven women’s athletes featured.

Li looks like she’s just lost the French Open! 😛 Dancer Sofia Boutella (in-between Li and Sharapova) is by far the best model.

The campaign features individual and group portraits. The new ads will debut in the August and September issues of Glamour, Seventeen and InStyle magazine. (via The Double Bagel)

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15 thoughts on “Li Na and Maria Sharapova in the Annie Leibovitz Nike “Make Yourself” campaign

  1. Jacob A

    Wow i didn’t think Li Na was that tall! She doesn’t look too much shorter then Maria! Crazy!!!

  2. Marija Post author

    Jacob, Li’s very tall for a Chinese person, although, she not nearly as tall as Maria, she’s like 15 cm shorter (convert to inches! :P).

  3. K07

    Maria with her ‘i’m so high fashion’ model face….

    So, she has time for this but not for the WTA ‘strong is beautiful’ shoot?

    Probably because this one pays a few million more, right….

  4. Marija Post author

    K07, I actually like it that not all the accomplished players were part of the Strong is Beautiful campaign and there was space for fresh faces.

  5. K07

    I don’t disagree with you Marija…

    however, the WTA would no doubt have wanted Maria to be part of this campaign. She is the highest paid female athlete in the world and one of the most recognised.

    I recall her behaviour at the last wta campaign..’looking for a hero’…she was so indignant that the wta expected her to commit to a day’s worth of shooting….heaven forbid she actually give back her chosen sport.

    Yet, I see her appearing in ad’s for nike, sony ericsson, cole hahn…..

    Not a fan of her attitude.

  6. Marija Post author

    K07, was it when Maria said she was too busy with her tennis, and she said she put tennis ahead of photo shoots? In Rome I believe?

  7. JohnnyB

    There is no better model than Maria Sharapova!! Why would you even say someone else in that picture was better?? Maria is the most popular, biggest earner and richest female tennis player of all time!! There is no better representative for thw WTA than Maria!!

  8. Marija Post author

    JohnnyB, Maria is a great model and a great role model, but in this photo shoot she was not a good poser, in my opinion. Her cool face looks funny.

  9. K07

    That was exactly the time, Marija,

    Sorry, but I don’t buy it…. things are convenient for Maria when they have $ signs next to them.

    There isn’t anything wrong with that in theory. She is a great businesswoman, makes lots of money, but her attitude sucks.

  10. Mirjana

    K07 might be right, but I still like Maria. She earns more money than a Hollywood star, and still wants to improve and win matches. That’s a real spirit!

  11. Marine

    K07, I totally agree with you. I don’t like athletes whose sole motivation to play the sport is to stuff their pockets.

  12. Marija Post author

    Marine, but Maria’s motivation to play tennis is not only to earn money. However, off-court activities probably are, an especially if she has to choose in her busy schedule, it’s kind of expected to choose a better paying option. 😛

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