Cheerful Serena Williams hits Miami beach

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Can anyone see a beach photo of Serena Williams and not stare at it for at least five minutes, for whatever reason? You don’t know whether to look at her striking body, a seemingly mismatched swimsuit, huge earrings, or toenails matching her strapless bikini top! More photos are available at Daily Mail.

The relaxed and confident Serena was spotted with her friends on the beach today. She looked to be in a very good mood, dancing around and looking happy despite the stagnation of her tennis career. Her return to the sport from the foot injury and its serious consequences is still indefinite, but she is playing tennis in the virtual world of the Top Spin 4 video game. 😛


  1. In my humble opinion I think Serena should retire. with all the off court stuff, Restaurants, part owner of the dolphins and everything else she has going on, just retire and focus on that stuff

  2. Prediction: Serena will NOT return to competitive tennis, she’s simply delaying announcing retirement until certain contractual obligations have been met i.e recently hawking her clothing line on tv etc.

    HOWEVER she turns 30yrs old this year and has been off tour for a long time so why come back at all? What’s the moltivation? She’s already won every slam but she’s never going to catch Steffi’s 22 GS wins, much less surpass Evert/Navatilova’s 17. So why not retire and rest on her laurels. Serena’s true fans already know and appreciate her many on-court accomplishments.

    Serena is scheduled to return to the shopping network this June to again promote her clothing line and that’s the time the main action at Wimbledon’s starts. Not likely, Serena will be around to defend her crown.

  3. I don’t want to sound bad but actually I don’t really miss her on the tour. It’s like Helen said: She don’t need to come back.

    I think now it’s time for the young players like Wozniacki, Petkovic or Rezai.

  4. I’ll have to agree with P!nky and Helen. I think Venus should retire too, she’s 31, without a slam for almost 3 years- which is a lot for a player who plays basically almost only at Slams, she’s just not playing well anymore, and injuris are coming too often. As for Serena, she has had many comebacks during her carrier, but now she’s 30 with lot of injuries and other stuff behind and does it really pay her off to return on the tour again? Don’t get us wrong, they are great players and have succided a lot, and no doubt they would be maybe still able to win matches, but we all know they don’t want to win matches, they want to win Slams. And from now on, I doubt they can do it.

  5. fine talk from all above.but clearly racist and personal opinions.serena has her life and decisions to make.

  6. If the peolpe were to read “on The Line” by Serena, they would see that Serena has been through so much in her life. She has faced not only career threatning but life threatning dilemmas with her health. She has survived, a word that is fitting, and has made strides to getting back on court. She is a strong woman and everyone saying she should retire don’t like hyer because they know that Serena will be there spanking there favorite players on tour. She doesn’t go for small tournaments, but Grandslams are where she plays her best intimadating, forocious, and inspring game. If she does’t come back her game will forever be instilled in the game, but when she does come back…….:).

  7. HILARIOUS!! You guys are all haters and were ALL wrong! That sista is not retiring until she’s damm ready!! Big butt and all LOSERS!! LOL!!!


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