Martina Hingis marries Thibault Hutin in Paris

Martina Hingis marries Thibault Hutin in Paris

Martina Hingis confirmed her relationship with French showjumper Thibault Hutin last month, and two days ago, on Friday, the couple got married in the presence of close family in Paris. Their wedding feast is supposed to take place next summer.

“Our wedding came as a surprise for many, but it has been in planning long in advance,” Hingis said to Swiss celebrity magazine Schweizer Illustrierte.

On Monday, the magazine will publish the wedding photos of the 30-year-old Hingis and her six years younger husband. (source: Yahoo)

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4 thoughts on “Martina Hingis marries Thibault Hutin in Paris

  1. Mirjana

    I see divorce coming soon 😛 I don’t know, Martina is kinda strange, probably ’cause she’s so smart.:D

  2. fyoto

    Martina is a black widow,she will ruin this guy s life and divorce him after six months.She is not smart enough to pick good men,her choices have always been bad.She will never settle down until she solves that missing Daddy complex.

  3. Tre

    OMG. Her husband looks very feminine. Martina probably needed a “soft” guy that she could control!

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