Serena Williams exercising in sexy leggings

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is exercising and you may have overlooked that fact, but Serena made sure we all noticed her efforts. The outfit she chose for the gym time will make us never forget her workout. She’s wearing colorful neon shoes, lace leggings, black leotard, and handless gloves, I would say made of leather.

Is it a good tip from Serena if you want to spice up your boring daily routine? 😛

Twitter - @Serena Williams- On my way to the gym.... i ..._1289937690241

And in case you thought it was someone’s paparazzo photo, no no, Serena herself shared it on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “Serena Williams exercising in sexy leggings

  1. bb

    the only thing I gotta say is “ew”. Never liked her fashion, or Venus’ in that case. JJ and Wozniaki don’t know how to dress well either!

    A better topic to write about is the millions of speculations going on with the topic concerning Ana;s new coach. Some say it will be Murrey’s father Kim, while others say it might be the former dutch tennis player Van Lotum. Another option fans are wanting to see is Jennifer Capriati’s former coach which rose Jeniffer to the top! Ana’s decision will be an interesting one! She should choose quickly!

    What do u think Marija?

  2. Marine

    Well, probably she caught cold in that outfit and got so poorly she had to withdraw from the Hopman Cup 😛

    As for Ana’s coach,hmm, it would be interesting to know more about him once she’s chosen. I think she will try to find someone similar to Heinz. It’s a shame they finished working together, he managed to bring back her old form which many thought was gone for good.

  3. Marija Post author

    Marine, I don’t really get Serena’s situation, she took this silly photo in the gym and then just a couple of days later she was seen on crutches. Do you get it?

    Ana’s coach, well, I hope she knows best.

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