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WTA Tour Insight

Dear readers,

This is a short post aimed at helping out one of our faithful readers Emily and spreading the word about her new tennis blog called WTA Tour Insight. Emily is currently in the first year of studying journalism and for one of her assessments she had to create some sort of publication. Inspired by my work here at Women’s Tennis Blog, which she visits every day, Emily decided to make a blog about women’s tennis.

Emily’s goal is to keep readers up to date with the latest WTA news, including frequent score updates, and with off-court news. She’s planning to continue blogging after her studies are concluded.

Check out WTA Tour Insight and why not leave a comment or some sort of advice for Emily.

Good luck with your studies, Emily, and I hope I was helpful!

Best regards,


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2 thoughts on “Visit Emily’s WTA Tour Insights blog

  1. emily

    thankyou for everyone who visited!
    and especily thankyou to Marija for posting this!

    and i would really apriciate if you could keep visiting every now and then.


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