Serena Williams hosts pre-ESPY event, Venus steals the spotlight


Serena and Venus at pre-ESPY party in Bel Air

On Monday night world No.1 Serena Williams hosted a pre-ESPY party in Bel Air, California, and was joined by sister Venus Williams whose presence at the event attracted more attention. Venus was wearing a nice white dress, which would be fine for a photo shoot, but when you have to move, it causes some problems evidenced below.

Venus Williams wardrobe malfunction at pre-ESPY partyVenus Williams wardrobe malfunction at pre-ESPY party

Or maybe Venus didn’t even see it as a problem, because it wasn’t the first time she was wearing a dress that couldn’t stay in place. The same thing, actually even worse, happened to Venus at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner, after her fourth singles title at the tournament in 2007.

However, the woman accompanying Serena maybe wasn’t Venus at all – according to the tweet of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour it was model Selita Ebanks. Hahaha for real!

Serena is nominated for the Best Female Athlete and together with Venus and Kim Clijsters for the Best Female Tennis Player.

The 2010 ESPYs will be televised live on ESPN July 14 at 9PM EST.


  1. Ehm, good joke. Selita is much more grown in selected parts and is more feminie at all. And I still think Serena rocks more than Vee 😛

  2. BTW, the ESPY’s are tonite 9pm eastern standard time, for west coast 6pm, for europe like serbia:
    6hrs difference if you got ESPN or satellite or
    europe or 5hrs like london…

  3. Trent, ,thanks for the note. My source Down the Line said “The 2010 ESPYS will be televised live on ESPN this Wednesday, July 13 at 9PM EST.” – well the editor was wrong and I didn’t notice it either.

  4. Who knew that Venus was such an exhibitionist. The outfit in Paris and this one, and I don’t have a problem with it. 😛


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