Caroline Wozniacki defends MPS Group Championships title

Caroline Wozniacki at MPS Group Championships

Top seed Caroline Wozniacki evened her win-loss record in WTA singles finals to 7-7 by winning her second straight title at the MPS Group Championships in Florida. The world No.2’s opponent in the final was Belorussian Olga Govortsova.

The 52nd-ranked Govotsova failed to win her first singles title on the Tour, fell to 0-3 in finals on the pro circuit and lost her first ever match-up with Wozniacki. However, even though Wozniacki was a clear favorite in the final, Govortsova had a 4-1 lead in the second set, and a set point at 5-4. Still, she was defeated by the Dane 6-2 7-5.

The prize money the finalists took home is the same as in the other International-level tournament that ended today (with Flavia Pennetta as winner and Carla Suarez Navarro as runner-up), Woznicki earned $37,000 and Govortsova $19,000. (photo: © Neal Trousdale)

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10 thoughts on “Caroline Wozniacki defends MPS Group Championships title

  1. Carlos

    I found this clip.

    She is going to play six more tournaments on clay including R.G. I’m guessing she is going to rack up points to be rank number one, same old story.

  2. Marija Post author

    Carlos, same old story, but others can also choose that approach and possibly succeed in being No.1, it’s up to them. However, it’s not that easy.

  3. Carlos

    Racking up points by beating cup cakes not easy? I disagree.

    The highest ranked player she defeated in this tournament was #30. As a warm up is good, but Wozniacki is not resting at some point she will crash and burn, remember last year? She is playing really well, her level of game has improved. Wozniacki proved it at IW and Miami that she belong in the top ten and that she can hang with the best. She doesn’t need this cheap back door shenanigans to reach the number one ranking.

    Ms. Marija I know why you are defending this tactic to paraphrase the Jedi Knights I sense a fight coming between us. 😛

  4. Marija Post author

    If it were easy then everyone would use that tactic. About crashing and burning, it is a constant danger of such players.

  5. Carlos

    Because of the constant danger of crashing and burning is the reason that most of the players don’t use that tactic.

  6. Amy

    Carlos, same old story, but others can also choose that approach and possibly succeed in being No.1, it’s up to them. However, it’s not that easy.

  7. Carlos

    Yes you are right Ms. Amy, same old story and yes, anyone has free will on how to approach their careers. I do disagree on the path to the number one ranking; it gets easier when you know before hand you can beat the opponent your facing because the opponent is of a lesser level. There is a high price to pay when using this strategy, either burn out like JJ or get injure like Wozniacki:’s-winning-streak/#comments

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